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Company Directories
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Company Directories


Blue Book of Canadian Business
Location: INNIS Reference HD 2768 .C24B5

Canadian Business Database
An electronic directory including over 1.1 million Canadian businesses (public & private). Can be searched by company name, type of business (including SIC code), location, employee size and sales ranges.

Canadian Key Business Directory (Dun and Bradstreet)
Useful for finding key players in the market by SIC codes
Location: INNIS Reference HF 3223. C18 2005 (previous editions in Innis Bookstacks)

Canadian Trade Index via
Location of Print: INNIS Reference HF 3223 .C212

Guide to Canadian Manufacturers, 3 vols.
Each volume contains companies from a particular region in Canada. Includes an SIC index.
Location: INNIS Reference HF 3223 .G85

Mergent Online
Contains information on approximately 2,600 Canadian companies. Search by American SIC or NAICS.

Scott's Directories, 5 vols.
Directory of Canadian companies (primarily manufacturing) by name, location and Canadian NAICS code.
Location: INNIS Reference HF 3223 .S?? [call number varies by volume] (previous editions in Innis Bookstacks)


Mergent Online
Contains information on approximately 11,000 U.S. companies.

Hoover's Company and Industry Reports via LexisNexis [At the initial search screen, click on BUSINESS, then COMPANY PROFILES. Search by company name, ticker symbol or SIC (U.S.). Select Hoover Company Reports from the drop-down SOURCE menu and click on Search].

Standard & Poor's Register of Corporations, Directors and Executives
Directory of over 75,000 U.S. companies. Access by company name, location and U.S. SIC code.
Location: INNIS Reference HG 4057 .A4
NOTE: Also available through LexisNexis. [At the initial search screen, click on BUSINESS, then COMPANY PROFILES. Search by company name, ticker symbol, or SIC (U.S.). Select S & P Corporate Descriptions from the drop-down SOURCE menu and click on Search].



Euro Pages: The European Business Directory The business to business search engine

Mergent Online
Search for companies by industrial classification code (American SIC or NAICS) and geography (country, state, city).

Principal International Businesses
Lists businesses by name, country and U.S. SIC code.
Location: INNIS Reference HF 54 .U5P74

Websters Online

World Business Directory
Location: INNIS Reference HF 54.U5W85

Company Information

Innis Library maintains 5 years of annual reports from approximately 350 key Canadian companies. To locate company annual reports in our collection please consult: Find Company Annual Reports
Includes rating reports for selected Canadian companies. Strengths and challenges are often included. Search by company name.
Contains corporate and financial data for Canadian companies. Not sure if your company is publicly traded? Try searching Corporate Surveys by name, SIC code, etc. All companies in this section of the database are Canadian and publicly traded.

Mergent Online
Online access to annual reports, financials for U.S. and Canadian companies

Official filings for Canadian companies

Canadian Company Capabilities
Identifies the exporting markets of some Canadian companies. Type in your company name and click on the Search button. If your company is listed, click on the Complete Profile. It may contain a section on Geographic Markets.

Market Share

Global Market Information Database
Includes profiles for leading FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) companies along with financial, market share and brand information.

Market Research Monitor
Includes over 2,000 international market research reports that can include market size data, company shares, brand shares, and forecasts.

Market Share Reporter
Contains North American market share data on companies, products and services.
Location: INNIS Reference HF 5410 .M35

Market Share Tracker
Contains market share data for over 4,500 companies in key consumer goods markets worldwide.
Location: INNIS Reference HD 2757.15.G56 2003

Table Base
Database of tables relating to business and industry, trade and economics.

Newspaper, Magazine and Journal Databases

ABI INFORM Global, 1971 to the present
Significant articles from over 1,800 major business and management journals and magazines.

ABI INFORM Trade & Industry, 1971 to the present
Articles from over 750 industry journals and magazines.

CBCA (Canadian Business and Current Affairs) Reference & Current Events, 1982 to the present
Key articles from 500 Canadian business periodicals, magazines and newspapers

Columbia International Affairs Online
Contains articles, cases, etc. related to international affairs.

CPI.Q, 1988 to the present
Provides articles from 400 periodicals with significant Canadian content. Full text of 150 titles, including the ROB section of the Globe & Mail.

LexisNexis , dates vary by publication
Includes 350 full-text newspapers from around the world. [At the initial search screen,click on NEWS].

PAIS International, 1972 to the present
An index to the literature of current affairs.

Social Sciences Index, 1983 to the present
Indexes over 500 English language periodicals covering subjects in the social sciences.

Worldwide Political Science Abstracts, 1975 to the present
Indexes over 1,400 periodicals in political science and its complementary fields.

Industry Resources

ABI INFORM Trade & Industry, 1971 to the present
Articles from over 750 industry journals and magazines.

Business Monitor Online
Detailed information on selected Canadian industries. Click on INDUSTRIES to see a list.

Encyclopedia of Global Industries
Profiles 125 business sectors of global significance. Entries typically include sections on organization and structure, background and development, current conditions, research and technology, industry leaders and further reading. Organized alphabetically by industry (NAICS code).
Location: INNIS Reference HD 2324.E53 2003

Market Research Monitor
Includes over 2,000 market research reports on international consumer, industrial and service markets. Search by keyword(s) or browse by publication, region/country or market sector. Academic
Contains hundreds of market research reports (primarily U.S.).

Mergent Online
Access to Canadian and U.S industry reports. The reports typically include a description of the current market environment, an industry profile, an analytical look at market trends, key points and references. Coverage is from 2003 to the present. Once logged in, click on the Industry Reports tab to retrieve a list.

Standard & Poor's Industry Surveys
Contains current profiles for 52 industries in the U.S.
INNIS Reference HG 4961.S73 [previous editions in Innis Periodicals]

Public Web Sites

Demographic and Economic Statistics

FP Markets - Canadian Demographics
Provides basic statistics on Canadian population, households, incomes and retail sales projections at the federal, provincial and city level.
Location: INNIS Reference HC 111.S96 2005 (previous editions in MILLS Bookstacks)

Statistics Canada
Free (but basic) information from the most recent Census (2001). Click on CANADIAN STATISTICS or CENSUS from the Statistics Canada home page.

EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit)
Provides access to current economic data and commentary on countries around the world.

EIU ViewsWire
Click on the By Country tab and select a country from the list. Click on Business, Economics and/or Finance to see a breakdown of related topics, or click on View Documents to see all associated articles/reports related to that topic. To search the contents of EIU ViewsWire, perform an Advanced search within ProQuest's ABI/INFORM Global.

E-STAT / CANSIM II (Statistics Canada)

Index of Downloadable Statistics Canada Publications (McMaster Users Only)
Full text access to a huge selection of Statistics Canada publications.

World Development Indicators
A World Bank publication that contains economic and social indicators for 210 countries plus regional and income groups. Some of the same data is also available through the World Bank web site.
Location of Print: INNIS Reference HC 59.15 .W656 2004 & 2005 and MILLS Government Publications (2nd floor) UN9 MG-W53 (1998 to the present)
Last Reviewed: January 17, 2008