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Find Company Annual Reports

Company Annual Reports are:

  • documents produced by publicly traded companies (i.e., companies which trade shares on a stock exchange)
  • distributed each year to current and prospective shareholders
  • typically include a letter from the CEO, a complete list of board members, financial highlights, a review of the previous year's activities, projections for the future
  • authoritative record (audited by the exchange on which the company trades)
  • very useful for investment and marketing decisions
  • how to read annual reports

Look up the company in one or more of the annual report sources below:

Country or Region
Date Coverage
File Format
Access / Help
Global Company Web Site Usually Current Year PDF or HTML Look for a link labelled Investor or Corporate Relations.
Global IRIN (Investor Relations Information Network) Mid 1990's to current PDF Free. No registration required.
Global Mergent Online 1990's to current PDF McMaster Users Only / Search for a company, view profile then click on the Annual Reports tab.
Canada CanCorp Late 1970's-mid 1990's Microfiche INNIS Library. Reference area
Canada Current Year PDF Free. Registeration required.
Canada SEDAR (System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval) 1997 to current PDF Free. No registration required / Online Tutorial with Audio
Canada / U.S. Current Year PDF and HTML Free. No Registeration required.
U.S. EDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval)
NOTE: Simplifed EDGAR searches available via Mergent Online (click on EDGAR tab) and LexisNexis Academic (Select SEC Filings from the General - Easy Search tab).
1990's to current HTML Free. No registration required / Guides: Annual Report | Form 10-K
U.S. LexisNexis Academic 1980's to current HTML McMaster Users Only / Select Business > SEC Filings (from the Business Searches menu on the right)

Can't find an annual report?

  • Check your spelling and try again.

  • Company may be private. To find out a company's ownership type, do a company search in Factiva (Select Companies/Markets > Company > Enter company name or ticker symbol > Look under " Ownership Type" to see its status (e.g., Listed, Unlisted).

  • Still having trouble? Ask at the Innis Research Help Desk for assistance in finding information from other sources.

Only need company financials?

Try the following sources:

  • Mergent Online - McMaster Users Only
    • 15 years / quarters
    • active companies only
    • view company profile and click on Company Financials tab

  • WRDS (Wharton Research Data Services) - McMaster Users Only
    • Compustat North America, 20 years, 48 quarters
    • Compustat Global, 12 years
    • both datasets contain active and inactive companies

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