This bibliography is a selective list of current and significant works held at Mills Memorial Library that address the process, form and style of undergraduate writing.


The Canadian Style: A Guide to Writing and Editing. By: Canada. Secretary of State
Though aimed at public servants this is 'an invaluable tool to all Canadians looking for a set of standards and a guide' to writing. LOCATION: MILLS Reference (2nd floor) PE 1408 .C36 1997

The Canadian Writer's Handbook. 2nd ed. By: William E. Messenger and Jan de Bruyn
Written by two UBC professors, functions both as an instructional text as well as a reference tool.
LOCATION: MILLS Reference (2nd floor)PE 1408 .M48 1986

The Chicago Manual of Style. 14th ed. By: University of Chicago Press
Widely referred to standard offers practical advice on all aspects of manuscript preparation.
LOCATION: MILLS Reference (2nd floor)Z 253 .C53 1993

Elements of Style. 3rd ed. By: William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White
A standard, authoritative work that follows its own commandment to students to be 'clear, brief, bold'.
LOCATION: MILLS Bookstacks PE 1408 .S772 1979

Fit to Print: The Canadian Students' Guide to Essay Writing. 4th ed. rev. By: Joanne Lorna Buckley
Well-liked by students for its direct approach, this comprehensive work can be used as a textbook.
LOCATION: MILLS Reference (2nd floor)LB 2369 .B83 1998

Guide to the Successful Thesis and Dissertation: A Handbook for Students and Faculty.
By: James E. Mauch and Jack W. Birch

Covers the process from getting started, to proposal, to preparing a defense, and beyond. A useful, authoritative work that attempts to remain up-to-date.
LOCATION: MILLS Reference (2nd floor)LB 2369 .M377 1998

Making Sense: A Students' Guide to Research, Writing, and Style. 3rd ed. By: Margot Elizabeth Northey
One of a series of books that covers the whole process of writing including style and documentation.
LOCATION: MILLS Reference (2nd floor)LB 2369 .N67 1993

A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations. 6th ed. By: Kate L. Turabian and Bonnie B. Honigsblum
A well organized and widely used manual.
LOCATION: MILLS Reference (2nd floor)LB 2369 .T8 1996

MHRA Style Book. 4th ed. By: Modern Humanities Research Association
To assist writers of all types to 'achieve clarity and consistency in matters of style and presentation.'
LOCATION: MILLS Reference (2nd floor)PN 147 .M65 1991

The MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. 4th ed. By: Joseph Gibaldi and Walter S. Achert and MLA
A primary text and reference tool, it describes a set of conventions governing the presentation of research as required by university teachers across North America.
LOCATION: MILLS Reference (2nd floor)LB 2369 .G53 1995

The MLA Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing 2nd ed. By: Joseph Gibaldi
While attempting to meet the scholar's need for a comprehensive guide to publishing in the humanities, this work has become a major source for the form of documentation.
LOCATION: MILLS Reference (2nd floor)PN 147 .G 444 1998

The New York Public Library Writer's Guide to Style and Usage. By: NYPL
Large, thorough work, aimed at all writers, covering usage, grammar, style, text preparation, and the production process. Cross-referenced and well indexed, can be used as a reference tool.
LOCATION: MILLS Reference (2nd floor)PE 1421 .N46 1994

The Portable Canadian Handbook: An Index to Grammar Usage and the Research Paper. (1989)
By: Keith Gilley and William Herman

Useful for students as a comprehensive text and a reference tool.
LOCATION: MILLS Bookstacks PE 1478 .G55


Bibliographic Style Manual (National Library of Canada).
By: Danielle Thibault
'An invaluable tool for bibliographers, librarian, researchers and writers.'
LOCATION: MILLS Gov Pubs & Maps & Research Collections Z 1001 .T4413

Electronic Styles: A Handbook for Citing Electronic Information. 2nd ed. By: Xia Li and Nancy Crane
An up-to-date attempt to establish a standard for referencing electronic sources.
LOCATION: MILLS Reference (2nd floor)PN 171 .F56L5 1996

Where Credit is Due: A Guide to Proper Citing of Sources--Print and Non-Print. By: Nancy E. Shields and Mary E. Uhle
An aid to the correct documentation of a wide variety of sources for writers of term papers.
LOCATION: MILLS Reference (2nd floor)PN 171 .F56 S35 1985

Grammar and Usage
Complete Guide to Punctuation: A Quick-Reference Deskbook.
By: Margaret Enright Wye
Aimed at the layperson, gives satisfactory coverage of the topic with many exercises.
LOCATION: MILLS Reference (2nd floor)PE 1450 .W93 1985

The Handbook of Nonsexist Writing. 2nd ed. By: Casey Miller and Kate Swift
A guide for the 'growing number of writers and speakers who are trying to free their language from unconscious semantic bias.'
LOCATION: MILLS Bookstacks PN 218 .M5 1988

Prentice Hall Canada Reference Guide to Grammar and Usage. 2nd ed. By: Muriel Harris and Joan Pilz
Addresses commonly asked questions about writing, sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, research and documentation.
LOCATION: MILLS Reference (2nd floor) PE 1112 .H293 1997

Usage and Abusage: A Guide to Good English. By: Eric Partridge
A standard work by the noted linguist and author. A dictionary of problem words and expressions.
LOCATION: MILLS Bookstacks PE 1460 .P17 1965a


The Nexus Handbook: Research Style Study.
By: Douglass P. Christian and McMaster U., Department of Anthropology
Written with the principle in mind that 'students need good information and they need it now.'
LOCATION: MILLS Bookstacks LB 2369 .S7

The Writing of Economics
By: Deirdre N. McCloskey
From the school of brevity=clarity, 31 brief chapters cover general and specific problems.
LOCATION: MILLS Bookstacks PE 1479 .E35 M33 1987

Cartographic Citations: A Style Guide.
By: Suzanne M. Clark, M.L. Larsgaard, C.M. Teague
Fills in the gap left by commonly used style manuals. Covers atlases, insets, models, etc.
LOCATION: MILLS Maps (1st floor) PN 171 .F56 C43 1992

A Guide to Good Writing. By: W.G. Peace, M.A. Robinson
Establishes a standard for essays written by McMaster geography students.
LOCATION: MILLS Maps (1st floor) LB 2369 .P33 1982

Making Sense in Geography and Environmental Studies. By: Margaret Elizabeth Northey and David B. Knight
Up-to-date presentation of research methods, style, mechanics and documents in this field.
LOCATION: MILLS Bookstacks G 74 .N67 1992

Government Documents
Complete Guide to Citing Government Information Resources: 1993.
By: Diane L. Garner and Diane H. Smith
Revised edition contains up-to-date information on referencing foreign and electronic materials.
LOCATION: MILLS Gov. Pubs. (2nd floor) ZJ 9.5 .G37 1993

Style Manual. Rev. ed. (1984) By: United States. Government Printing Office.
Initially designed to "determine the form and style of government printing" has subsequently become a standard in the area. Comprehensive. Includes guides to abbreviations and capitalization.
LOCATION: MILLS Gov Pubs (2nd floor)US1 GP S75

Archival Citations: Suggestions for the Citation of Documents at the Public Archives of Canada.

By: Terry Cook with Victoria Chabot, eds.

Advising on the 'proper citation of primary sources in all their myriad formats' this work is excellent in its coverage of archival and government documents.
LOCATION: MILLS Maps (1st floor) CA1 AK 83 A61 1983

Historian's Handbook: A Key to the Study and Writing of History. 2nd ed. By: Wood Gray and others
Concise and comprehensive, designed for easy reference. The sources are dated--the advice is not.
LOCATION: MILLS Bookstacks D 13 .G78 1964

Oral History: From Tape to Type. (1977) By: Cullom Davis, Kathry Back, Kay MacLean
Five chapters cover 'all of the basic oral history steps.' An appendix of useful information includes a glossary and rules of style.
LOCATION: MILLS Bookstacks D 16.14 .D38

The Elements of Writing about Literature and Film.
By: Elizabeth McMahan, R. Funk and S. Day
Two sections cover how to analyze and how to write about fiction, poetry, drama and film.
LOCATION: MILLS Bookstacks PN 81 .M494 1988

A Short Guide to Writing about Literature. 5th ed. By: Sylvan Barnet
Discussion gives practical approaches to writing reviews, research papers and exams.
LOCATION: MILLS Bookstacks PE 1479 .C7 B3 1985b

Writing about Music: An Introductory Guide.
By: Richard Wingell
Referring to the standard guides addresses process, form and style.
LOCATION: MILLS Bookstacks ML 3797 .W54 1990

Writing about Music: A Style Book for Reports and Theses. 2nd ed. rev. By: Demar Irvine
Much relied upon by students, covers process, style, mechanics, and referencing.
LOCATION: MILLS Music Ref. & Bookstacks (1st floor) ML 3797 .I79 1968

Philosophical Writing An Introduction. 2nd ed.
By: A.P. Martinich
'How to write clear, concise, and precise philosophical prose.' For students of all levels.
LOCATION: MILLS Bookstacks B 52.7 .M37 1996

Writing Philosophy Essays: A Handbook for Students. 3rd ed. rev. By: Brett Jackson
Popular, revised edition of a handbook for first-time students of philosophy.
LOCATION: MILLS Bookstacks B 52 .J33 1989

Making Sense in Psychology and the Life Sciences. By: Margot Elizabeth Northey and Brian Timney
'Written mostly in the form of guidelines rather than strict rules,' advises on style and mechanics.
LOCATION: MILLS Bookstacks BF 76.7 .N67 1986

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. 4th ed. By: APA
A major, authoritative style manual referred to most often for its bibliographic style.
LOCATION: MILLS Reference (2nd floor)BF 76.7 .P83 1994

Writing Papers in Psychology: A Student Guide. 3rd ed. By: Ralph Rosnow and Mimi Rosnow
Concisely outlines the steps involved in writing a term paper and research report in psychology.
LOCATION: MILLS Reference (2nd floor) BF 76.7 .R67 1995

Social Sciences
Making Sense in the Social Sciences: A Student's Guide to Research, Writing and Style.

By: Margot Elizabeth Northey and Lorne Tepperman

Aimed specifically at students, this work, from a Canadian series, examines both the general precepts for effective writng and the special requirements of social-science research.
LOCATION: MILLS Bookstacks H 91 .N67 1986

SociologyA Guide to Writing Sociology Papers. 2nd ed. By: Judith Richlin-Klonsky and others
A guide to the process of writing papers in this field including chapters on documentation and style.
LOCATION: MILLS Bookstacks HM 73 .G78 1991

The Student Sociologist's Handbook. 4th ed. By: Pauline Bart and Linda Frankel
Primarily a research guide but contains a brief chapter on writing the sociology paper.
LOCATION: MILLS Reference (2nd floor)HM 68 .B37 1986

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