Finding country-specific newspaper articles in LexisNexis

Course code: Sociology 4J03
Course name: Global Family and Sexual Politics
Course date: Winter 2011

Go to LexisNexis

Go to LexisNexis

  • start at the Library home page
  • in the upper right corner search box type "lexisnexis academic"
  • on the next 2 pages, click the "LexisNexis Academic" links



To limit to newspapers from a country or region other than the US:

  1. on the left click "Sources" > "Browse Sources" , and for #1, pick "Publication Type"
  2. for #2
    • "Filter by: Country" -- choose a continent or country
    • "Topics" -- choose "General News Sources"
  3. for #3, at the top folder level, click "News" then "Newspapers"


put a tick mark beside any newspapers that you want to search, OR


if you want the whole country, look for an option that includes all that country's newspapers, e.g.


for Canada, "Canadian Newspapers"


"UK Newspaper Stories"


All South African Newspapers", etc.

  • click "OK - Continue

To limit to United States newspapers:

  • click the "News" option in the left navigation menu and choose "All News"
  • in the "Select Source" dropdown beside "By Type" choose "US Newspapers & Wires



Power Search (non-US newspapers):


to specify a date range


beside "Specify Date", choose "Date is between..." and type your date range

  • to add a Subject index term, if desired
    • beside "Add Index Terms" click "Subject" and pick one of the broad or narrow subjects listed
    • the plus signs beside each term open a list of narrower terms
    • example: "Society, Social Assistance & Lifestyle" > "Social Assistance & Welfare" > "Temporary Shelters" > "Women's Shelters"
  • if desired, use "Add Section Search" to search within a section, e.g. headline, geographic region, etc.

All News Search (US newspapers):


if you get too many results, to the right of your words or phrases, change the dropdown from "Everywhere" to "Headline & Lead

  • use the wildcard character ! to catch different endings, for example: women! and violen!
  • to specify a date range, beside "Specify Date", choose "Date is between..." and type your date range

On the results screen

  • sorting by "Relevance" may be useful bring the most relevant articles to the top
  • "Search within results" (on the right) can be used to narrow your results to include more words
  • "Result Groups" (on the left) can narrow your results by subject, geography, language, etc.
    • Note: narrowing by geography finds articles about a region, not necessarily published in a region