United States - The Federal Register


The Federal Register makes available public regulations and legal notices issued by Federal governmental agencies. These include Presidential documents, documents of general public interest and legal effect, and documents required to be published by law.


There are three separately paged sections to each Federal Register, published each official working day in pamphlet form:

  1. Highlights, Contents, and CFR Parts Affected
    • Highlights (on cover) lists selection of major documents of general interest, with agency title
    • Contents lists all documents alphabetically by agency name
    • CFR Part Affected refers to official government regulations affected by any Federal Register documents
  2. Federal Register documents
    • pages grouped under headings:
      • Presidential Documents - executive orders, proclamations, memoranda
      • Rules and Regulation - regulatory documents of general applicability and legal effect, numbered and listed with respect to the Code of Federal Regulations
      • Proposed Rules - notices of proposed regulatory documents to facilitate public participation in the rule-making process
      • Notices - documents other than rules or proposed investigations, filing of petitions
      • Sunshine Act Meetings - notices of government agency meetings open to the public in accordance with the Government in the Sunshine Act
  3. Reader Aids
    • pages grouped under headings:
      • Information and Assistance
      • Federal Register Pages and Dates (current month)
      • CFR Parts Affected During (current month)



The Federal Register Index is issued monthly. It is also cumulated quarterly and annually. There are four sections:

  1. Index to Presidential and Agency documents
    • arranged by agency, then subdivided by broad subject headings
    • references are to Federal Register documents pages
  2. List of Privacy Act Publications
    • agency documents containing records on individuals
  3. Guide to Freedom of Information Indexes (Quarterly)
    • finding aids under the Freedom of Information Act
  4. List of dates/corresponding Federal Register pages



Federal Register, 1971 - present
US1 AC 206 -F26 (MILLS Gov Pubs (mfiche))
1971 -

Current information is also available online:

Federal Register online via GPO access
This site contains the daily publication for Rules, Proposed Rules, and Notices of the Federal Government from 1994 – present.