United States Code Congressional and Administrative News


The United States Code Congressional and Administrative News contains presidential proclamations and executive orders, information on the status of legislation plus the full text of Public Laws signed during the reporting period.


In each of the bound volumes for a session of Congress there is a "contents" page listing:

  • President and Cabinet
  • Senate - by State
  • House of Representatives - by State
  • Senate - Alphabetical Listing
  • House of Representatives - Alphabetical Listing
  • Resident Commissioner
  • Nonvoting Delegates
  • Congressional Committees

In the last volume of the session there are 10 tables - 7 serving as guides to the legislative process and 3 for presidential and agency matters:


  • Table 1 lists Public Laws by number, and page references are identical with the appropriate volume of the U.S. Statutes at Large.
  • Table 2 features a list of Public Laws with reference to title and section of the United States Code (USC) and the United States Code Annotated (USCA) affected
  • Table 3 references pages in the U.S. Code Congressional and Administrative News that give information on U.S.C. and U.S.C.A. sections new, amended, and repealed, arranged by section
  • Table 4 is a "legislative history" of measures arranged by Public Law number
  • Table 5 lists bills and joint resolutions enacted, arranged by bill number
  • Tables 6, 7 and 8 treat administrative regulations, proclamations, and executive orders
  • Table 9 "Major Bills Pending," is an alphabetical status listing by title of measure, with reference to bill number, dates of "reported" and "passed" in House and Senate, whether sent to conference, and Public law number and date of approval
  • Table 10 is an alphabetical listing of acts by popular name

and an index arranged alphabetically by subject.

In each of the unbound issues for a session of Congress there is a section entitled "Congressional and Administrative Highlights," a "contents" page, 10 tables (same as above) and an index.


The indexes found in each of the bound and unbound volumes for a session of Congress are arranged alphabetically by subject.


United States Code Congressional and Administrative News, 1951 (82nd Congress)-
US AB -U77 (MILLS Gov Pubs)
1951 -

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