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The Government Publications section of Reference Services has:

A/46/PV.78 (General Assembly, 46th session, Provisional Verbatim Records)
- we have from about October 1991-
- prior to this we have published official records up to 43rd session (they are very slow in being published)
A/C.1/46/SR.37 (General Assembly, 1st Committee, 46th session, Summary Records)
- we have up to current date
GAOR, 46TH sess., Suppl. no.48 (General Assembly Official Records, 46th session)
- anytime you see this in an index citation, assume we have hit since the supplements are published quite currently
- Resolutions published as last supplement, usually from 1 to 2 years behind current date
E/1987/27 (Economic and Social Council, 1987 session, 27th meeting)
- also very slow in being published; we have up to 1987
- do not have provisional records
ESCOR, 1991,
Suppl. no.1
(Economic and Social Council Official Records, 1991)
- anytime you see this in an index citation, you may assume we have it since the supplements come in quite currently
- Supplement no.1 is always the Resolutions
S/PV. 3029 (Security Council, Provisional Verbatim Records, Meeting no. 3029)
- have starting approximately October 1991
- prior to this published records are very far behind
- resolutions are usually published about one or two years behind current year
Example of things we don't have Except for the items listed above, whenver you see "Photo-offset" or "Limited (not for deposit)" in the index, assume we don't have it since it is part of the Mimeograph Collections which we..