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The Readex United Nations Collection is a microfiche collection containing non-copyrighted, mimeographed and printed documents issued by both main and subsidiary bodies of the United Nations. This includes the Official Records of the principal organs of the United Nations: General Assembly, Security Council, Economic and Social Council, Trusteeship Council, International Court of Justice, and selected Secretariat documents. Also included are documents from other main bodies and subsidiary bodies, committees, commissions, conferences and conventions. Mills owns the abridged collection plus the Human Rights segment from 1990-1991, and the complete collection from 1992 on.


  1. Access UN: This e-Article database is available through e-resources, with coverage from 1946 to the present. Includes some full text.
  2. The CD-ROM "Index to United Nations" indexes the period from 1990 to the present. For doucments retrieved on the CD-ROM for 1990-1998 it is necessary to consult the "Readex Microfiche Edition Checklists" (JX 1977 .A2), located on top of the fiche cabinets, in order to verify whether or not the document is part of the abridged collection. For aid in using the CD-ROM consult the guide in the binder labelled "Gov Pubs CD-ROM".


The microfiche are arranged by symbols and by session. Symbols of the UN documents are composed of primary and secondary elements, as well as elements denoting the modification of the text or distribution category. The elements are separated by a forward slash (/). The primary element of the document symbol identifies the authority under which the document is issued. The secondary element denotes the subsidiary organ or the anture of the document.

Primary Elements
A/- General Assembly
CAAS/- Convention Against Apartheid in Sports
CAT/- Convention Against Torture
CCPR/- Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
CD/- Conference on Disarmament
CEDAW/- Convention on the the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Agains Women
CERD/- Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination
CRC/- Convention on the Rights of the Child
E/- Economic and Social Council
OCJ/- International Court of Justice
LOS/- Convention on the Law of the Sea
NPT/- Nuclear Treaties
PTBT/- Nuclear Treaties
S/- Security Council
ST/- Secretariat
T/- Trusteeship Council
TD/- Conference on Trade Development

Selected Secondary Elements (for a complete list see the "Checklist")

Nature of the Document
-/Agenda/- meeting agendas
-/DEC/- mimeographed texts of adopted decisions
-/PV... verbatim records of meetings
-/RES/- mimeographed texts of adopted resolutions
-/WP.... working paper
Further sub-division in the structure
-/AC.../- ad-hoc committee
-/C.../- standing, permanent or main committee
-/CN.../- commission
-/CONF.../- conference
-/SC sub-committee
-/Sub.../- sub-commission
Modification of the text
-/Add... addendum
-/Amend... amendment
-/Corr... corriendum
-/Excerpt portion of a document
-/Rev... revision
-/Summary summary of original text
-/Suppl supplement


United Nations Documents and Publications Readex microfiche.
JX 1977 .AZ 1990-1998
MILLS Reference - shelved on top of the microfiche cabinets

1990-2002 - MILLS Reference (mfiche)

*1990-1991 abridged collection
1992 to the present complete collection


  1. Access UN
    • 1946 to the present, access through e-resources
  2. Index to United Nations Documents and Publications. Readex. CD-ROM
    • the index offers two levels of searching
    • there are search guides for both levels published by Readex (on bottom shelf of the quick reference stack next tothe computer) and there is also a guide in the "Gov Pubs CD-ROM" binder produced in-house

NOTE: For documents dated before 1992 you must check the "Readex United Nations Documents and Publications Checklists" (JX 1977 .A2) to see if it is included in the abridged collection.


Brimmer, Brenda et al. A Guide to the Use of United Nations Documents. New York: Oceana Publications Inc., 1962.
Z 674 .N47 (Quick Reference)