UN - International Court of Justice


The International Court of Justice is the main judicial body of the United Nations. As such, it provides decisions and advisory opinions on international treaties and general principles of law on cases submitted to it by individual states or the United Nations. Each state declares either unconditionally or conditionally the extent to which it accepts the jurisdiction of the Court.


Yearbook of the International Court of Justice.
UN6 J7 -Y31 1946/47 to the present - MILLS Gov Pubs

  • an annual summary and overview of the Court's activities

Bibliography of the International Court of Justice.
UN9 J7 -B33 1964/65 - 1997 - MILLS Gov Pubs

  • annual

Reports of Judgements, Advisory Opinions and Orders.
UN6 J7 -R24EXF 1966 - 1996 - MILLS Gov Pubs

  • the decisions of the Court
  • we receive the annual cumulations

Pleadings, Oral Arguments, Documents

  • Documents, Minutes and Verbatim Records of the Cases submitted to the Court
  • Summaries of some of the earlier dicisions are contained in Everyman's United Nations and its Supplement.
  • We receive selelected volumes only - e.g. Pleadings Fisheries Jurisdiction (United Kingdom vc. Iceland).