UN - General Assembly


The General Assembly is the main deliberative organ of the United Nations.

The GA consists of representatives of all member states of the UN.

The GA holds annual meetings, generally beginning on the third Tueday of September, and running to mid-December. Special and Emergency sessions are held when necessary.


Seven Main Committees

  1. Special Political Committee
  2. First Committee (Disarmament and Related International Security Questions)
  3. Second Committee (Economic and Financial)
  4. Third Committee (Special, Humanitarian and Cultural)
  5. Fourth Committee (Decolonialization)
  6. Fifth Committee (Administrative and Budgetary)
  7. Sixth Committee (Legal)

Other Sessional Committees

  1. Credentials Committee
  2. General Committee

A Select List of Related Bodies

  1. Joint UN/FAO World Food Program
  2. Office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees
  3. United Nations Children's Fund
  4. United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
  5. United Nations Development Program
  6. United Nations Environment Program
  7. United Nations Industrial Development Organization
  8. United Nations Institute for Training and Research
  9. United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East
  10. United Nations Special Fund
  11. United Nations University
  12. World Food Council

The Official Records consist of the following publication, coded and arranged by session in the following order:

  1. Plenary Meeting Records
    • verbatim transcripts of the plenary meetings (i.e. meetings of the entire General Assembly)
    • numbered consecutively by meeting
    • usually 2-3 volumes per session
    • agenda is listed at the front. Usually each member speaks on the agenda at the beginning of the session.
    • very slow to be published
  2. Annexes
    • compilations of papers presented to the plenary meetings of the Assembly to assist the members in their discussions
  3. Procedural Committee Records
    • Credentials Committee
    • General Committee - organizes the work of each session of the General Assembly
  4. Special Political Committee Records
    • the Special Political Committee shares the work of the First Committee
  5. Main Committee Meeting Records
  6. Supplementary Reports Numbers 1 -
    • Reports to the General Assembly presented by its various officers, committees, commissions, etc.
    • Many of the items appear each year under the same Supplementary Report number:
      1. Report of the Secretary-General - SR 1
      2. Trusteeship Council - SR 4
      3. Budget - biennially as SR 6
      4. Accounts - bienially as SR 7
      5. Resolutions - usually the last SR


  1. United Nations. General Assembly. Index to Proceedings
    UN2 LI8 -I69
    1946-1961, 1963, 1968 to the present - MILLS Gov Pubs

    The Index to Proceedings is a bibliographic guide to the proceedings and documents of the General Assembly.

    Includes the publications and proceedings of the main and ad hoc committees.

    The index is issued each session.

    The Index to Proceedings includes the following sections:

    • Sessional Information (lists of officers, rules)
    • Checklist of Meetings (plenary and main)
    • Principle Organs and Subsidiary Bodies
    • a list of agenda
    • Subject Index to the Proceedings
    • List of Documents (arranged by document series symbol)
    • Reports of Main Committees (arranged by subject)
    • Resolutions (gives the resolution number, title, date, agenda item # and a voting chart)
    • Index to Speeches
      • by Corporate Name/Country
      • by Speaker's name
      • by Subject

        Citations are to Official Records references (e.g. III:12 means third committee, meeting 12)

  2. United Nations Documents Index(UNDOC)
    UN2 LI5 -U59
    1979-1983, 1991 - present - MILLS Gov Pubs

    UNDOC has the broadest coverage of all the United Nations indexes: The index covers all major reports, decisions, etc. from all United Nations organs (i.e. not limited to the General Assembly or other body - as with the Index to Proceedings sets).

    UNDOC is not as comprehensive, however, as the Index to Proceedings in terms of total coverage of any one organ's proceedings and publications.

    SUGGESTION: Use the Index to Proceedings for the specific United Nations organ when you know the issue is covered by that body. Use UNDOC when the issue could fall under the jurisdiction of more than one organ.

    The index is issued quarterly in paper, and annually on microfiche.

    UNDOC includes the following sections:

    • Documents and Publications - arranged by document Records Designator
    • Official Records Index - arranged by Official Records Designator
    • Sales Publications Index - arranged by sales number
    • a list of documents republished within other documents
    • a list of new document symbols
    • a list of United Nations maps
    • Personal/Corporate Name Index
    • Title Index
    • Subject Index
  3. United Nations Resolutions - Series 1: Resolutions Adopted by the General Assembly
    JX 1977 .A595D5
    1946 - 1986 - MILLS Bookstacks

    Includes the following sections:

    • Topical Index to resolutions in the volume
    • Numerical Voting Record (arranged by resoultion number)
    • Recorded Vote (arranged by resolution number)
      (Lists how each country voted on each resolution.)
    • Decisions - Recorded Vote
    • Resolutions and Decisions
      (the full text of each resolution and decision)
    • Cumulative Topical Index
      (covers all volulmes published to date)

United Nations. General Assembly. Official Records: Plenary Meetings.
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1946-1995 - MILLS Gov Pubs (mfiche)

United Nations. General Assembly. Official Records: Annexes.
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1946-1977 - MILLS Gov Pubs (mfiche)

United Nations. General Assembly. Official Records: Resolutions.
UN1 A8 -O26

29th (1974): 1974-1994 - MILLS Gov Pubs
1st (1946): 1946-1981 - MILLS Gov Pubs (mfiche)

See also United Nations Resolutions: General Assembly (JX 1977 .A59D5)

United Nations. General Assembly. Official Records: Plenary Meetings and Annexes - Special Sessions.
UN1 A8 O27

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