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Ontario bills are classified as public or private. Public bills are concerned with matters of general public policy, while Private bills are concerned with institutions, municipalities, etc.

Ontario bills are also categorized as Government Bills or Private Members' Bills. Government Bills are introduced into the Legislature by members of the Cabinet, and stand a relatively good chance of being passed. Private Members' Bills are introduced by members of the Legislature outside of the Cabinet, and hence face a greater difficulty being passed.


Bills are printed after the first reading, following amendments, and after third reading.

Government Bills and Private Members' Bills are numbered consecutively within each Session of the Legislature.

Private Bills have the prefix PR and are numbered separately.

Current Bills are available online at Legislative Assembly of Ontario.


Bills for each session are listed in the index to the corresponding Session of the Debates (CA2ON X -D31 (MILLS Gov Pubs)). Entries are arranged alphabetically by bill title and numerically by bill number.

Recent Bills are listed in the "Weekly Bulletin Service," comprising the first section (pink sheets) of the Ontario Statute Citator (KEO 72 .O683 (MILLS Gov Pubs - Quick Reference)). The service summarizes the content of each bill and outlines its present status in the legislative process.

The Provincial Legislative Record outlines the current status of all bills before the various provincial legislatures during specified Sessions. Entries are grouped by province, then subarranged by bill number. (JL 75 .P72 (MILLS Gov Pubs for current edition, earlier edition in MILLS Periodicals))


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