Great Britain - Statutes


The Statutes or Acts as they are sometimes known, are the laws enacted by the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

They originate as Bills, public or private, and are assigned chapter numbers chronologically according to the date of Royal Assent.

Because of the gradual evolution of British law over centuries, there are a number of editions of early Statutes. The ones described below are held by MILLS Government Publications.

Statutes of the Realm

A large set published in the nineteenth century, compiled from a variety of sources which are listed and described in the introduction to volume one.


Nine volumes of Statutes arranged chronologically by regnal year and name of reigning monarch (A useful "Table of Regnal Years" appears in Pemberton. British Official Publications, pp. 120-125.)


Each volume contains its own subject index.

The set includes two separate index volumes:

  1. An alphabetical index to the entire set (volume X)
  2. A chronological index to the entire set (volume XI)

Entries are arranged chronologically under each subject heading. Includes more detailed infomation on each item than the alphabetical index.


Great Britain. Statutes of the Realm . 1225-1713.
UK1 YX21 -S72 (MILLS Gov Pubs)

Statutes At Large, Magna Charta (1223 to 1806)

A set of British statutes presented as they were originally drafted.




  1. The microfiche set includes two subject indexes.
    • Magna Charta to 1761 (6 fiche)
    • George III, 1760-1792 (4 fiche)
  2. See also the two index volumes to the Statutes of the Realm (UK1 YX21 -S72 (MILLS Gov Pubs))


Statutes At Large, Magna Charta, (1225-1806)
UK1 YX21 -S71 (MILLS Gov Pubs (mfiche))

The Statutes Revised (1235-1948)

The Statutes Revised is a 30-volume set published in 1950. The set includes all Public Acts or Measures from the start of Parliament that were still in force in whole or in part on the last day of 1948.


The set is arranged chronologically by regnal year.

Each volume contains:

  1. a chronological table of Statutes
  2. The Statutes
  3. subject index


  • chronological table in each volume gives Acts by regnal year and session
  • there is a subject index in each volume


Great Britain. The Statutes Revised (1235-1948)
UK1 YX41 -R27 (MILLS Gov Pubs)

Public General Acts and Measures


The Public General Acts and Measures are the annual volumes of statutes.

Generally 2-3 volumes are published each year.

The statutes are arranged by year, session and chapter number.


  1. Indexes published each year with the annual volumes:
    • a subject index
    • an alphabetical list of acts passes during the year
    • a chronological list of acts passed
    • Tables of Derivation (showing where each section of the acts originated and what changes have been made to them over time.)
  2. H.M.S.O. Government Publications

    Acts of Parliament appear in both the monthly and annual volumes of the H.M.S.O. catalogue. The entries include title and chapter number. Use the subject index to search by topic.

    (see also current Acts online at HMSO - UK Legislation)

  3. Index to the Statutes in Force
    UK1 YX41 -R30 (MILLS Gov Pubs)

    A two-volume subject index to the Statutes, covering the period 1235 to date.

  4. Chronological Table of the Statutes 1235-1950; 1951-1988.
    UK1 YX41 -R29 (MILLS Gov Pubs)


Public General Acts and General Synod Measures
UK YX41 -R28
1871 - 2002 (MILLS Gov Pubs)
1801 - 1933 (MILLS Gov Pubs (mfilm))