Canada - 1991 Census Electronic Products


Publications are an inexpensive, easy to use way of getting data, but sometimes they don't have the geography or the variable breakdowns you need. Sometimes they simply aren't in the right medium. This is where we can help.

Many of the census publications you see on the shelf or listed in the catalogue are also available on diskette. If you see the diskette symbol or a lightening bolt beside the listing in the catalogue you are in luck. See pg. 31 in the catalogue.

The diskette symbol means that the publication is available ready made on diskette in a binder with instructions and definitions. The publication will have a D beside its catalogue number and have a different price than than the print version. The diskette edition will often have more geographic areas than are found in the print edition. For example in Dwellings and Households, certain tables in the printed publication are for Canada and provinces only while other tables are for Canada, provinces and the Census Metropolitan areas. The diskette version has national, provincial and all census metropolitan areas included for all tables.

The lightning symbol p. 35, means that the data in the publication, while not necessarily available prepackaged like those with the diskette symbol is still available in electronic form. A table that appears in one of these publications is available upon request for different geographic areas than those in the publication from the Electronic Shelf or as semi custom data.

For example, the Dwellings and Households Publication has a table on dwellings by structural type and tenure showing type of household. This table while it is included in the diskette edition of the publication for Canada provinces and CMSa, it is also available from the Electronic Shelf as a BASIC SUMMARY TABLE. (See pg. 50 & 51). In other words, you can obtain the same table for census divisions and subdivisions, and other geographies i.e. census tracts or enumeration areas that you simply will not find in print. Not all tables listed in the publication are available as a BST. Tables that are vary complex (with a lot of nesting) are usually not available as a BS but as a semi custom table. BASIC summary tables are, after all, BASIC. Semi custom tables are also easily available but at a slightly higher price.

Basic Summary Tables can also be used as a means of obtaining more detailed data on a certain variable found in a profile. For example, for the Census Subdivision profiles, data by age and sex is available strictly for five year age groups. A BST can offer you single years of age and sex or marital status by age groups and sex. A profile simply has total population by marital status only regardless of age.

Tabguide. This product comes on two diskettes and is like an electronic index to 1991 Census data. It allows you to type in a name of a variable and view which products contain tables or maps on that topic. It will give you even the title name and number in the publication which contains the variable. It is relatively easy to use and is for use with IBM PC compatibles.

A two part product that contains an extremely large amount of data is the CD-ROM. Demographic profiles for Federal ridings, census metropolitan areas, census divisions and subdivisions, Census tracts, and enumeration areas or by Sortation areas, the first three digits of the postal code. This is due out first quarter for 2A data and fourth quarter of 1993 for 2B data. The cost is yet to be announced. Again, this product is for and IBM compatible environment.

Any questions please feel free to ask.

November 24, 1992

Ann McIlwraith