British Sessional Papers - House of Lords - Nineteenth Century (Oceana Collection)


While the House of Lords may initiate legislation, its primary functions are to review and revise bills originating in the House of Commons, and to provide "a forum for full and free debate" on matters of public interest and on subordinate legislation (Pemberton, p.8)


No official record of debates exists for the period prior to 1909. The debates were, however, summarized in the House of Commons debates.


Sessional Papers of the House of Lords, which include bills and parliamentary papers, are numbered in a single sequence for each session, with the number appearing in parentheses on the title page of each document. Amendments to bills are made and numbered separately.

The Oceana Collection of Lords Papers (1714-1859) was compiled from the official set of printed papers of the House of Lords Library, with additions as indicated by an asterisk.

  1. Oceana Publications Inc. A General Index to the Great Britain House of Lords. Sessional Papers Printed by Order of the House of Lords or Presented by Special Command. 1801-1884/5. Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.: Oceana Publications Inc., 1976. 5 vols.
    UK1 Y8 -S261 (MILLS Gov Pubs)

    The index provides subject access to Lords Papers. Volume one includes a reel guide to the microform edition of the House of Lords Sessional Papers 1806-1859. Each volume includes a checklist of papers.

    A standard Oceana entry appears below. To find material use a year, volume & page number.
    Standard Oceana entry

  2. Each sessional volume includes its own index. Cumulative indexes appear as follows: 1819; 1820-33; 1833-52/53; decennially thereafter.



Sessional Papers of the Great Britain House of Lords
UK1 Y8 S26
1714 - 1980 (MILLS Gov Pubs)
1806 - 1859 (MILLS Gov Pubs (microprint))