British Sessional Papers (1801-1931/32)


Sessional Papers of the Great Britain House of Commons
UK1 X8 -S26

1731 - 1932 (MILLS Gov Pubs (on microprint))


The collection is stored on microcard and filed in special boxes. The year and volume number appear on the spine of each microcard box.

The collection includes the Bills, Accounts and Papers and Committee Reports.


Indexes are available in a variety of formats in print and CD-ROM.

Indexes of British Parliamentary Papers (1801 - 1945)

This index covers House of Commons (1801 - 1945) and House of Lords (1801 - 1922) and includes a Sessional Index, General (Subject) Index, and an Index of Names. The index is available at any computer through the start menu.

Subject Catalogue of the House of Commons Parliamentary Papers 1801 - 1900.
ZDA 530 .C63 (5 vols.)

Unlike most other subject indexes that only pick up main "policy" documents (i.e. royal commissions, etc.), this set cites every paper in the bound sets of sessional papers - including bills, annual reports, statistical reports, etc.

Because of the large time period covered, the indexing is quite complex. Entries are arranged under 19 subjects with subdivisions, then by document type (i.e. bills, papers, etc.). Items are then further arranged by keyword, then b session and paper number. Serial publications (like annual reports) are listed once under the year of their first appearance.

Each entry gives year, paper number (in brackets), volume number (in roman numerals) and page number.

General Alphabetical Index.
UK1 X8 -S261 (MILLS Gov Pubs)

1801-32; 1832-44; 1844-50; 1852/53-69; 1870-78/79; 1880-78/79; 1800-89; 1890-99

This set is often easier to search than the Subject Catalogue because of its division into time periods. The indexes provide lots of cross references.

Entries include the session, paper number (in parenthesis), volume number (in roman numerals), then the page number.

The individual volumes are cumulated into works covering longer time periods
UK1 X8 -S26I (MILLS Gov Pubs)

General Index to the Bills Printed by Order of the House of Commons 1801-52.

General Index to the Reports of Select Committees, 1801-52.

General Index to the Accounts Papers, Reports of Commissioners, Esimates, etc. 1801-52.

General Alphabetical Index to the Bills, Reports, Estimates, Accounts and Papers, 1852-99. 2 v.

General Index to the Bills, Reports and Papers Printed by Order of the House of Commons and to the Reports and Papers Presented by Command 1900-1949.

Ford, P. and G. Ford. Select List of British Parliamentary Papers 1833-1899.
Z 2009 .F71S (MILLS Reference)

Ford's list attempts to cover all significant papers. The list excludes material on foreign policy, colonial issues, military issues, ecclesiastical affairs, individual ports and railways, annual reports, statistical returns, etc.

Arranged by subject, then chronological by session and paper number.

Other Ford lists provide similar coverage for later periods.

Ford, P. and G. Ford. Breviate of Parliamentary Papers.
Z 2009 .F71 (MILLS Reference)
1900-16; 1917-39; 1940 - 1954.