Find Archives

Archival Records are...

  • unique and irreplaceable.
  • correspondence, diaries, maps, photographs, films, audiotapes, electronic records, etc.
  • records of the life and work of individuals, as well as institutions and organizations of practically every kind.
  • primary source materials.
  • to be consulted only within archival repositories and cannot be borrowed. All researchers are welcome provided they bring valid identification.
  • accessible through the Library Catalogue. Consult the reference or archival staff.

How to Find Archival Records

1. Look up the name of the Archive:

In the Library Catalogue (by Author, Title, Medical Subject, Anywhere, etc.)

For example: Title: Pierre Berton Fonds or Medical Subject: Hamilton Health Association

2. Unable to find archival material in the Library Catalogue? Contact one of the archival repositories listed below.

3. To find Archives located outside of McMaster University: