Some e-books have this note: "Preview this e-book for 5 minutes and request extended use." -- how does that work?

Some e-books have this note: "View e-book for 5 minutes and/or request a loan or purchase". How does that work?

How do I get a 5 minute preview?

  • click on the "Link to online resource" link
  • log in with your MAC ID and you'll go to the Ebook Library page
  • on the left, under "Loan Options", click the "CLICK HERE TO BROWSE" button, or the "EBL Read Online" button

How do I request a loan?

  • on the left, under "Loan Options", select "Click here to request a loan."
  • fill out the request form
  • request your loan period: either 1 or 7 days
  • for urgent requests: please note this in the comments box
  • click on "Send Request"

What happens then?

  • the request goes to a librarian who reviews all of the requests several times throughout the day during business hours
  • when your request is approved,  you will receive an email giving instant access to the e-book

What can I do during the loan period?

  • you can download the book or read it online
  • you can print a portion of the book (but not the entire book)
  • you can copy and paste parts of the text into another document

When does the loan period start?

  • it begins the first time you click on the link to the e-book in your email to ‘open' the e-book

What happens when the loan period expires?

  • the downloaded title will become inaccessible on your computer
  • if you try to open it, you will get a message that your loan period has expired

Can I renew?

  • no, but you can request another loan on the same book

How do I request another loan on the same book?

  • first remove all previous instances of the book (and prior loan) from your computer:
    • go to the "My Digital Editions" folder in the My Documents folder, and delete the title
    • open the Adobe Reader; in the Menu bar, click on FileDigital EditionsMy Digital Editions
    • in the My Digital Editions pop-up window, click on the expired title, right-click the image of its cover, select Remove, and click OK
  • now you can request a second loan in the same way you did the first loan

What are the restrictions on printing and copying?

  • For each title, you have the following permissions:
    • print = up to 20% of text
    • copy/paste = up to 5% of text
  • the Online Reader will tell when you have used these permissions
  • Adobe Reader can also tell you about your remaining permissions: while viewing the book, click File MenuProperties