Frequently Asked Questions - Printing

  1. Click on the round Office button located in the upper left corner of the screen.
  2. Click on the Word Options button at the bottom right of the menu.
  3. Click Display in the Word Options menu.
  4. Check the box next to Print background colors and images under the Printing options section of the menu.
  5. Click the OK button in the lower right corner of the menu.
  6. Word should now print the background colour or image used in your document.
  1. Click File on the Apple toolbar in the upper left corner.
  2. From the drop-down menu, select Print.
  3. A print box should appear. Depending on the default settings, you might have to expand the print box by clicking on the downward arrow, just to the right of the Printer drop-down menu at the top of the screen.
  4. At the centre of the expanded window, open the drop-down menu that appears just below the Orientation and Scale options.
  5. Select Color from this drop-down menu.
  6. On the left of the screen there is a Color Mode drop-down menu which by default is set to Automatic. Change this option to Black and White.
  7. Click the Print button.

Why are my images printing as black boxes from Acrobat 7 Professional?

This is a known problem when the "Print colour as black" option is selected.

Update: try downloading a more current Acrobat reader. This problem appears
to be have been resolved with recent updates.

My Acrobat .pdf file will not print - why?

Security settings in the document may not allow printing. In Acrobat, select File/Document Properties, and select the Security tab. This will display a list of the security settings for the document including whether printing is allowed.

Why isn't my document formatted the way it was at home?

Different versions of software or printer set ups will cause the document to appear different when transporting between different computers.

Why is my print job blank?

If the cursor was outside of a specific frame when printing was selected then the page will appear blank. Make sure that the frame is selected before printing.

Related FAQ: How do I print Acrobat .pdf files? Some PDF files result in blank pages being printed.

How do you open a Microsoft Works (.wps) file for printing on the Mills, Innis and Thode Libraries public computers?

Open the file in Word Viewer 2003 to view or print.

How do I print Acrobat .pdf files? Some PDF files result in blank pages being printed.

Be sure to use the print button in the Acrobat Reader toolbar, not the File..Print command otherwise a blank page could print.

Untick "Choose Paper Source by PDF Page Size" radio button.

Another reason for the printout being blank may be that, occasionally, a document is scanned and made into a .pdf file as a graphic, even though it appears as text. To print this sort of document, you should click the "Advanced" button on the print dialogue box then choose "Print as Image".

How do I print multiple pages on one page?

To do this from a Windows computer in the Library:

  • in the printer dialogue box, click the "Properties" button
  • under the "Finishing" tab, "Document Options", choose the number of pages per page you wish to print.

 To do this from a Mac OSX computer in the Library:

  • Open the document you want to print and choose File > Print. If the Print dialog contains only two pop-up menus and some buttons across the bottom, click the disclosure triangle beside the Printer pop-up menu.
  • Choose Layout from the print options pop-up menu.
  • Choose the number of pages to print on each sheet from the “Pages per Sheet” pop-up menu. You can also choose how pages are ordered on the paper by clicking a Layout Direction button (for example, from left to right, right to left, and so on). And you can choose the type of border used to separate the pages by using the Border pop-up menu.

How can I view or print my Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, or Powerpoint) file from a library computer?

Microsoft Office Suite is installed on selected computers for creating, editing, or printing files; authorization by MAC ID is required. Note: this software is also installed on computers in the UTS computer labs, see: UTS student technology centre.

Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Viewers are installed on most public stations in Mills, Innis, and Thode Libraries for users to view or print MS files.

To view or print your Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file from any public station using the Microsoft Viewers:

  • Click Start, then Programs
  • Click Microsoft Accessories
  • Select the appropriate application (Word, Excel, or PowerPoint Viewer)
  • In the "Open" dialogue box, change "Look in" to the appropriate drive for your file
  • Select your file, then click Open
  • Click Print
  • Follow the instructions on How to Send a Job to the Networked Public Printer


How do I print from your public computers?

  • Select PRINT from within your application, then follow the on-screen instructions.
  • You will be asked for your Printsmart account.
  • Go to the printer/photocopy station, enter your Printsmart account and follow instructions on the screen pad.
  • The fee will automatically be deducted from the balance on your Printsmart account.
  • Print jobs stay in the queue until printed -- up to a maximum of 8 hours.


Why are print jobs sent from the browser not appearing on the public printer job list?

This message is a result of not accepting the terms in the print assist box.

How do I print a web page that has light text on a dark background?

Step 1:

  • click on Tools, Internet Options, Colours
  • untick Use Windows colours
  • change: Text to black; Background to white
  • click OK

Step 2: (may not be necessary depending on the browser)

  • click on Accessibility
  • check off Ignore colours specified on web pages

Why is the background of a table not printing from Internet Explorer?

Go into Tools, Internet Options, Advanced tab. Scroll down until you see the printing section. Select "Print background colors and images" and then click on OK.