Frequently Asked Questions - PowerPoint (Microsoft)

In PowerPoint 2007, how can I get the Slide Master to change a footer from a prior presentation?

Go to Insert > Header and Footer to add the text -- or at least to "activate" it. Just typing in the footer box on the slide masters doesn't make the footers show up on the slides.

How do I print multiple power points on one page?

If using Quick View - Open the power point you wish to print. Go up to File in the menu bar and click on Page Setup. Click on Properties. In Document Options, select the number of slides per sheet.

Why can't I convert a file created in Presentations 8 with v.10 modifications to a PowerPoint slide show?

This is a bug in Presentations 10. Since the goal of converting the slide show to PowerPoint was so that students could take the file for review or printing of individual slides, it is suggested that the file be converted to .pdf format.

Why does a Presentations 8 document converted to a PowerPoint slide show change the backgrounds?

The conversion can only handle one background per slide show and defaults to the first background created.

I saved my MS Office document on a public computer to either the Desktop or My Documents, and now I can't find it. Where is it?

Re-open the MS application (Word, Excel, or PowerPoint) on the same computer on which you saved your document using the same username and password for authentication as before, and you should be able to find and open the document. Save it from the application to your own CD or USB storage device

Why can't I save my MS Office document to a CD/DVD?

Not all CD-rom recording programs let you save a file from an office program directly. A workaround is to save to the harddrive (U:\ drive on Mills, Innis, and Thode public PCs) first and then burn the file to CD/DVD. For more information, see this page.

How can I view or print my Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, or Powerpoint) file from a library computer?

Microsoft Office Suite is installed on selected computers for creating, editing, or printing files; authorization by MAC ID is required. Note: this software is also installed on computers in the UTS computer labs, see: UTS student technology centre.

Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Viewers are installed on most public stations in Mills, Innis, and Thode Libraries for users to view or print MS files.

To view or print your Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file from any public station using the Microsoft Viewers:

  • Click Start, then Programs
  • Click Microsoft Accessories
  • Select the appropriate application (Word, Excel, or PowerPoint Viewer)
  • In the "Open" dialogue box, change "Look in" to the appropriate drive for your file
  • Select your file, then click Open
  • Click Print
  • Follow the instructions on How to Send a Job to the Networked Public Printer


How do I open (and print) an e-mail attachment on public computers?

  1. Right-click on the attachment and save the file to the RAMDISK (U:). If there is no RAMDISK (U:) listed, save the file to the Desktop.
  2. Open the appropriate application (Note: if you saved the file to the Desktop and it is an MS Office document, use the appropriate MS application or viewer)
  3. Click File... Open.
  4. Locate your file on drive U (or the Desktop), and open it.

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How can I open a Word, Excel or Powerpoint e-mail attachment on your public computers?

You will first need to save your attachment to the RAMDISK which has been assigned drive U on the public computers in Mills, Innis and Thode. Then start the Microsoft Office application (non-McMaster users will need to open the Microsoft viewer) and open the file from drive U.

Why doesn't a PowerPoint slide show open from a link in Internet Explorer?

This is a known problem with Internet Explorer. Save the file to the PC or storage device before opening.

How do I open a file from a floppy disc, CD, or keychain drive on a PC in the Library?

Users can open pdf or html files from a floppy disc or keychain drive by using the My Computer icon in the Programs menu of public stations. To open Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files on library computers, see this FAQ.

Browsers: opening from the File menu of the web browser on public PCs was disallowed due to a bug. Instead, public users can open documents by clicking Start button, Programs, My Computer, selecting the drive and filename.

How often do you clean files that have been stored on the U drive of the Mills, Innis and Thode public computers?

Files saved on the U drive (virtual RAM disk) are cleared each time the machine is restarted. There are competing requirements for the need to clear these files in that most students do not want their documents to stay on a publicly accessible computer; on the other hand, when something goes wrong, file retention would be an asset. Also, if files were allowed to accumulate on the hard drive, performance would deteriorate.

Do you have Microsoft Office Suite installed on your public computers?

Updated answer here.