Frequently Asked Questions - Access (Microsoft)

How often do you clean files that have been stored on the U drive of the Mills, Innis and Thode public computers?

Files saved on the U drive (virtual RAM disk) are cleared each time the machine is restarted. There are competing requirements for the need to clear these files in that most students do not want their documents to stay on a publicly accessible computer; on the other hand, when something goes wrong, file retention would be an asset. Also, if files were allowed to accumulate on the hard drive, performance would deteriorate.

Do you have Microsoft Office Suite installed on your public computers?

Updated answer here.

Everytime I open an Access database, I receive a macro security warning. How can I disable this warning message from appearing everytime a document is opened?

  • click the "Tools" menu
  • select "Macro" and then "Security"
  • in the "Security Level" tab, select the "low" option
  • click OK