Frequently Asked Questions - Mac OS (Apple)


  • Print Screen: Press COMMAND+SHIFT+3 simultaneously to save an image of the entire screen to the Desktop
  • Part of Screen: Press COMMAND+SHIFT+4 simultaneously to snip a specific area of the screen to the Desktop. When the cursor changes to a cross +, drag a box around the section you want to copy and release the mouse
  • The Grab option in the Utilities folder provides more extensive options for saving screen snapshots. 

Additional information on this topic is available here: Capturing Screen Shots in Macs.

    1. Click File on the Apple toolbar in the upper left corner.
    2. From the drop-down menu, select Print.
    3. A print box should appear. Depending on the default settings, you might have to expand the print box by clicking on the downward arrow, just to the right of the Printer drop-down menu at the top of the screen.
    4. At the centre of the expanded window, open the drop-down menu that appears just below the Orientation and Scale options.
    5. Select Color from this drop-down menu.
    6. On the left of the screen there is a Color Mode drop-down menu which by default is set to Automatic. Change this option to Black and White.
    7. Click the Print button.

    How to perform a mouse scroll in the MAC OS environment with no mouse?

    Move 2 fingers on trackpad.

    Where is the backspace key?

    There isn't a backspace key on the MACs.  The delete key will delete to the left. To delete to the right, hold down fn key and click delete.

    I clicked log off while in the MAC OS X environment and now I am asked for a password. How do I continue?

    Select the Guest account and the computer will automatically logon.


    How to switch between MAC OS X (Leopard) & Windows XP on the dual boot computers?

    Dual Boot Computers

    Upon startup/restart, a menu will appear which will allow you to select an operating system. You have 20 seconds to select an operating system, otherwise the default will load. Use the arrow & enter keys to select an operating system.
    Note:  iMacs are no longer dual boot except for the Wong classroom computers which are slated for replacement by windows only machines.  iMacs run OSX only.

    How do I quickly view a document in the MAC OS environment?

    • highlight document in the Finder
    • press the spacebar to quickly view the document
    • press the spacebar again to exit the view


    What does the vertical broken line on the dock indicate?

    Any icons to the left of the line are programs while anything to the right are documents.

    How do I know which applications are still running?

    In the dock (located at the bottom of the screen), application icons will have a light at the bottom which means the program is still running.

    How do I close a program?

    • Hold down Command key and press Q
    • Click program name and select Quit


    Not able to connect to the wireless network in the Mac OS environment.

    Click the AirPort icon (3rd icon to the left of the date) in the upper-right corner and make sure AirPort is turned on.

    In the Mac environment, how do I shut down an application that has stopped responding?

    Click on the apple icon to the left of the menu bar and select Force Quit. Then select the application to stop.

    How do I shutdown/restart in the Mac environment?

    Click the apple icon located to the left of the menu bar and select either shutdown/restart.

    When I start up OpenOffice on the Mac OS environment, writer automatically opens. How do I start up any other product in the suite such as Calc?

    • Select File menu, New & pick application.
    • Alternatively, clicking on the document from the Finder window, etc., will automatically start the applicable program.

    Where are the Windows close/minimize/restore icons located on the Mac computer?

    The icons are located at the top-left of application window.

    How do I eject a CD with the keyboard using a Mac computer?

    Hold down Option key and click the eject button . The eject button is the top-right key located below the power button on the MacBook. On the iMacs, the eject button is located above the delete key.


    How do I manually resize a window in the Mac OS environment?

    The resizing handle is located in lower-right corner of the window. May need to move the window to display the resizing handle.

    How do I right-click with no mouse?

    In the Mac environment, hold down Control key and click.

    In the Windows environment, put 2 fingers on touchpad and click.