Frequently Asked Questions - RSS

How can I find out more about RSS?

Check out these resources:

How do I use /subscribe to an RSS feed?

To subscribe to any RSS feed, right-click on the feed URL button button, select "Copy Shortcut" (or "Copy Link Location"), and paste the URL of the feed into your RSS reader.

What RSS feeds does the library offer?

Everytime you see the feed symbol Library News Feed on a page, it represents a feed you can subscribe to. Here's a list of feeds we publish:


What is an RSS reader?

An RSS reader (also called an aggregator) is a software application that allows you to read blogs and Web sites that publish RSS feeds. There are a number of RSS readers available freely on the Web, check this site for a comprehensive list. If you are looking for a free, Web-based reader that does not require a download, we recommend Google Reader or Bloglines.

What is RSS?

RSS ("Really Simple Syndication") is a format that allows you to receive updated content from sources of your choice. For example, the library's RSS feeds deliver all the news and information that is posted to the Library News Blog without having to visit the news page! The Blog has an accompanying RSS file that is updated everytime a new post is added, and in order to read that file, you need an RSS reader.