Dr. Martin Gibala - The Science of Fitness: Translating the Message

Sep 19 2017 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

TEDxMcMasterUSalon Lunchtime Series
Sept. 21 -12:00-1:00pm, just outside the Thode Library Makerspace (Lower Level)

Dr. Martin Gibala
The Science of Fitness: Translating the Message
Over the last decade, high-intensity interval training has evolved from a niche training method for serious athletes to the top fitness trend worldwide. Martin Gibala’s research team at McMaster has been at the forefront of this exploding field of science, conducting ground-breaking studies on time-efficient workouts to boost health and fitness. Gibala has conducted hundreds of television, radio and print interviews with outlets ranging from The New York Times and TIME to Conan and Reddit. Together with Chris Shulgan, a journalist and the co-author of his bestselling book, The One-Minute Workout, Gibala will discuss his experience translating the fitness message, including the opportunities, challenges and potential pitfalls of science communication.

TEDx Salons are smaller gatherings that allow attendees to interact with the speakers and discuss with like-minded audience members. Drs. Gibala and McNeill will be sharing their journeys as science communicators, and encouraging the audience to think about how we can better communicate science to the public.

A Science Literacy Week Canada event. Science Literacy Week Canada is an opportunity to celebrate the science that is happening all around us on campus and across Canada. Join McMaster University Library and our partners during the week of September 18-24, 2017 for a great lineup of events and activities. 

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