Campus Bike Library

Welcome to the Campus Bike Library, brought to you by Start the Cycle!

The Campus Bike Library gives students the ability to borrow bikes in a similar way to how you would borrow a book from the Library. Can't afford to buy or rent a bike, why not borrow one from the library?

What can you expect to find as part of the new Campus Bike Library? 

  • a fleet of 10 bikes - see photo
  • 5 bikes are located at Mills and 5 are at housed at Thode
  • choice of a small, medium or large bike helmet - there are pictures of these too!
  • bike lights

How does it work?

  • come to the Service Desk on the 1st floor of Mills or Thode Library - make sure you bring your library card!
  • tell the staff which what size of helmet you would like to borrow
  • you will need to complete a waiver the 1st time you borrow a bike
  • staff will provide you with a package of information and key(s) to the bike you have selected
  • bikes are marked 0-4 at Mills and 5-9 at Thode.  Find the number on the back fender.
  • use the bike for 48  hours - bikes will be due back by 4:30pm, 2 days from the date borrowed
  • return the helmet and key(s) to the Service Desk
    • Note: you cannot return these items through the external Book Drop since this would damage the helmet, so you will need to return them during our Open Hours
  • need to use the bike longer than 48 hours? Just renew it through your library account, online!  You can renew once.

Is there a charge to borrow these bikes?

  • The bikes will be available to anyone at McMaster, free of charge, to encourage equal access to sustainable transportation on campus
  • at the moment, there will be no fines for overdue bike loans, but you can expect an email reminder!

Where do I find the bikes? Where do I return the bike?

  • Mills bikes can be found in the bike compound behind University Hall. You will be provided with a security card you can use to access the compound.  
  • Thode bikes are located just outside the front Thode Library front doors.  Check out the 
  • please return the bike to the same location you borrowed it from

What if there is something wrong with the bike, or it "breaks" while I am using it?

  • if you find something wrong with the bike when you go to use it, please make sure you let the staff at the Library Service Desk know
  • if something happens while the bike is on loan, please report this when you return the bike
  • MACycle will be providing any necessary maintenance for these bikes

What else do I need to know?

  • we understand some users may have concerns about using a borrowed helmet. You are welcome to use your own. If using one of ours you will find a stand near the bike rack which has supplies you can use to sanitize the helmet before and after wearing it.
  • take a look at the Bike Safety Fact Sheet prepared by EOHSS - lots of great stuff here!

Still have questions? 

  • ask the staff at the Mills or Thode Service Desk for assistance 
  • call the Mills Service Desk at x22077; Thode Service Desk at x22000
  • send your questions via email

What's next?

  • if the Bike Library service gains a strong enough demand, the program will expand over time
  • find out more about this initiative and here
  • have comments or ideas about how this service could be improved? Let us know!