Library Staff Directory

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Namesort descending Department E-mail Telephone Extension
Knight, Tom Facilities tknight 24010
Lawlor, Debbie Library & Learning Technologies lawlord 27522
Lewis, Vivian Office of the University Librarian lewisvm 23883
Li, Hope Library Services, Thode lihope 22000
MacDonnell, Nicole Collections nmacdon 23549
Mahmood Al-Juboori Student Media & Computing mahmoa16 22761
Mastroianni, Mary Collections mastroi 24047
McAllister, Chris Student Media & Computing cmcallister 905-929-7171
McCollow, Matt Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship mccollo 21774
Mircea, Gabriela Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship mirceag 20988
Monster, Tamara Library Services, Mills tmonste 21599
Moore, Rhonda Lyons New Media Centre moorer 21391
Nicol, Chris Library Human Resources cnicol 23873
Pearce, Ann Library Services, Innis apearce 28691
Penfold, Kelly Lyons New Media Centre penfold 26106
Periard, Roger Student Media & Computing periard 905-741-9955
Perkovic, Ines Library Services, Innis perkovic 21359
Perkovic, Olga Collections perkovi 26007
Pickett, Kim Library Services, Mills pickettk 22078
Pottier, Anne Library Services / Facilities pottier cell: 905-870-2317 / x22410