Library Staff Directory

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Name Department E-mail Telephone Extensionsort descending
Jorgenson, Mica Library & Learning Technologies jorgenma
Kemper, David Library & Learning Technologies kemperd 20261
An, Jeannie Library Services, Ron Joyce Centre (Burlington Campus) anjean 20561
Siddiqui, Abeer Learning Support siddia33 20733
Mircea, Dorin Library and Learning Technologies mircead 20988
Mircea, Gabriela Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship mirceag 20988
Foster, Karen Collections fosterk 21311
Adlington, Janice Collections adling 21312
Perkovic, Ines Library Services, Innis perkovic 21359
Moore, Rhonda Lyons New Media Centre moorer 21391
Fink, John Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship jfink 21466
Yurukova, Mariya Office of the University Librarian yurukom 21534
McCollow, Matt Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship mccollo 21774
Whittle, Bridget Archives and Research Collections whittle 21883
Zeffiro, Andrea Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship zeffiroa 21901
Bedford, Jill Library Services, Thode bedford 22000
Cairns, Sarah Library Services, Thode cairnss 22000
Wray, Tim Library Services, Thode wraytr 22000
Li, Hope Library Services, Thode lihope 22000
Sorowka, Lynn Library Services, Thode sorowka 22000