Women's Studies

  • Primary emphasis on materials in English.
  • Some sources in French, specifically, on feminist theory & Quebec writers.
To provide materials necessary to support an undergraduate instruction programme, as well as fourth-year students' independent research projects.

To support local cultural, historical and sociological research.

To support the research activities of the faculty and graduate students (registered in home disciplines but doing Ph.Ds requiring feminist theory).

To build a comprehensive research collection, particularly in the areas of feminist theory, local women's studies and third-world perspectives (selected countries--for example, India).

To provide the McMaster and Hamilton communities with a comprehensive collection of current women's writings and issues.

Most materials will be published in North America and Europe, but some non-Western materials will also be needed.

The collection covers all time periods, with emphasis on the modern era.

  • Books, both current and out-of-print. Special attention will be given to books from small, alternative presses which publish on women's issues and to non-Western sources.
  • Periodicals, both current and back-file.
  • Government publications and important documents on the status of women, including census and survey materials.
  • Slides, films, videos, especially NFB films.

The long 18th century (c.1650-1800), Russell and the 20th century, and Cultural Studies have been declared Faculty of Humanities priority areas for resource allocation. 

 Women's Studies at McMaster is an interdisciplinary and international program, with emphasis on feminist theory and research into local issues.

Feminist Theory (B)

Canadian Women's Artistic, Literary, Historical & Sociological Materials, especially on local women's work (B)

History of Women (C)

Women and Globalization (C)

Women's Literary and Artistic Work (including works in translation) (C)

Women and Science, especially Health Sciences (C)

Women Spirituality and Religious Studies (C)

Women and Psychology (C)

Women and Technology, (including Digital Technology) (C)

Women, Media, and Popular Culture (C)

Women and the Professions (C)

Women and the Environment (C)

Women, Conflict and Peace (C)

Arts and Social Sciences