Theatre & Film Studies

Our primary language of research and teaching is English, but we also work in French and occasionally in German.
 To provide materials necessary to support the undergraduate program centered on dramatic performance as a mode of communication. To support the research interests of the Faculty in History of Theatre and of Film, Film Studies, Performance Studies, Audience/Reception Studies, Dramatic Performance and Society/Politics, Dramaturgy and Dramatic Literature, and Theatre/Film/Video Production and Direction.
We are mainly interested in material from Canada, the United States, Europe (especially Great Britain and Ireland) and Australia. This will be supplemented with material from Africa, Asia and Latin America, especially as regards post-colonial studies, popular theatre and cinema/video, and production practices.

The Drama programme concentrates on the 20th century, with a strong secondary interest in the 19th century. Materials concerning the full range of theatre history will be purchased for undergraduate teaching. Most material will be current but it will occasionally be necessary to purchase older materials to fill gaps in the collection.

  • Monographs concerned with the theory, history and criticism of dramatic performance in theatre, musical theatre, opera, performance art, cinema, video, television and new media.
  • Scripts in all the above areas.
  • Periodicals concerning theory, history and criticism of all forms of dramatic performance, including theatre, musical theatre, opera, performance art, cinema, video, television and new media.Electronic materials, including photographs, videos, DVDs, CD-RO Ms and access to web sites that illustrate particular dramatic performances or performance styles.
  • It may sometimes be necessary to purchases microfilms of older works, scripts or theses.

Performance Studies, Audience/Reception Studies, Performance and Society/Politics (B)

     This is an important area of Faculty research, especially as regards performance theory and studies of the representation and reception of gender, race and class differences in a variety of performance media. We are particulary interested in works dealing with social activism, post-colonialism and intercultural or interdisciplinary performance practices. All these areas are also taught in our undergraduate courses in relation to theatre, film, video, new media and performance art. We collect electronic materials that illustrate performances of a range of dramatic texts in a variety of media for both research and teaching purposes.


History of Theatre and of Film (B)

     This is also an important area of Faculty research, especially as regards the links between these two histories, the development of early cinema, and Canadian theatre history. At the undergraduate level we teach a range of theatre and film history and need a broad collection that can support this work. We collect photos and electronic materials that illustrate performances and performance practices in a variety of media.


Dramatic Literature and Dramaturgy (C)

     We deal with dramatic literature exclusively in the context of performance. We collect scripts for all media, with an emphasis on 19th and 20th century material and only secondarily material from earlier periods. Because we produce a series of one-act plays every year, we are particularly interested in collecting one-act plays suitable for student production. We also collect critical works that discuss how dramatic texts have been or might be performed. Photos and electronic materials that illustrate particular performances are important teaching and research tools in this area.


Theatre/Film/Video/Television Production and Direction (D)

     Performance analysis is at the core of our undergraduate program and, materials that explain how different effects in theatre, film and video are produced are crucial to this teaching goal. We are interested primarily in books, periodicals and electronic materials dealing with the history, theory and criticism of design, acting, direction and (where applicable) cinematography in theatre, film, video and television. We also have an interest in stage and production management. Since students in our program also create their own theatrical performances, the library should give them access to materials that deal with elementary design, acting, directing and stage/production management skills.

Arts and Social Sciences

The long 18th century (c.1650-1800), Russell and the 20th century, and Cultural Studies have been declared Faculty of Humanities priority areas for resource allocation.