Social Work

  • English
  • French, particularly as regards government publications, Province of Quebec.
To provide materials to support the undergraduate and graduate course instruction programme, the graduate thesis research programme and the research and scholarly activity of faculty. The philosophy of the School of Social work is as follows:
"As social workers, we operate in a society characterized by power imbalances that affect us all. These power imbalances are based on age, class, ethnicity, gender, geographic location, health, physical ability, race, sexual preference and income. We see personal troubles as inextricably linked to oppressive structures. We believe that social workers must be actively involved in the understanding and transformation of injustices in social institutions and in the struggles of people to maximize control over their own lives."
  • Primary Areas: Canada, United States, United Kingdom.
  • Secondary Areas: Scandinavian and Northern European countries; Third World countries.

Approximately one half of the material acquired is currently published. Of the remainder, most was published after 1900. The School's programmes deal primarily with the present, but Canadian materials are collected relating to the development of health, welfare, personal social services and correctional services in Canada. Also, older material is collected on the history of child welfare and the history of the helping professions in the U.S., Canada and Great Britain.

  • Books, both currently produced and out-of-print.
  • Periodicals, current and backfile.
  • Government documents.
  • Audio-visual material is presently acquired by and housed in the School of Social Work office as are Research Projects completed by Social Work graduate students.
  • Proceedings of national/international social work/social welfare/social policy conferences.

There is need to continue to ensure acquisition of Canadian, U.S. and U.K. government documents as they pertain to social policy/social welfare policy, and to compile historical material on social welfare/social work in Canada. ,

Social Problem and Service Activity Areas (C)

  • Includes historical and current material dealing with Social Problem and Service Activity areas significant to the School, particularly the following:
  • Aging and the Aged
  • Community Development
  • Social Justice
  • Disabilities
  • Economic Security, Employment/Unemployment, Income Redistribution
  • Family and Child Welfare
  • Globalization
  • Health, Illness, and Health Care
  • Housing Urban Development
  • Mental Health
  • Industrial Social Welfare
  • Race ∓ Ethnicity
  • Women's Issues
  • Gay and Lesbian Issues
  • Family Violence


Social Policy/Social Welfare Policy (B)

     Includes historical and current material dealing with the development, implementation and critical assessment of social policy/social welfare policy.


Service Methods and Service Delivery (B)

     Includes historical and current material dealing with social/human service administration, social case work, group work, community organization/development, social planning and social research. Analysis of social work practice.


The Profession of Social Work (C)

     Includes historical and current material dealing with education and training, ethics and values, manpower and standards practices.

Arts and Social Sciences