School of the Arts - Multi Media

Materials should be collected in English.
The Multi Media program at McMaster offers undergraduate students training in Humanities Computing, both in theoretical and applied forms.

Publications may be purchased from Europe, Australia, and North America for this collection.

Mostly publications related to this area appear after 1960, with some exceptions. Retrospective materials might include materials on the history or philosophy of computing.

Monographs, periodicals, government documents, theses, symposia, proceedings of international conferences are all relevant to Multimedia.

The long 18th century (c.1650-1800), Russell and the 20th century, and Cultural Studies have been declared Faculty of Humanities priority areas for resource allocation. 

Computers-Social Aspects (C)

Computers-History (D)

Computing-Literary and Linguistic (C)

Computing-Humanities (C)

Computational Linguistics (D)

Human Computer Interface Design (D)

Human Computer Interaction (D)

Hypertext (C)

Hypermedia (C)

Technology-Civilization (D)

Technology-Culture (D)

Technology-Philosophy (D)

Technology-Arts (D)

Animation (C)

New Media (C)

Arts and Social Sciences

Exclude specifically manuals or materials dealing specifically with software.