Religion Studies

  • Ph.D Thesis: Sanskrit, Pali, Chinese, Greek, Hebrew, French, English, German, Japanese.
  • M.A. and backup for Ph.D: Bengali, Hindi, Latin, Aramaic, Gujarati.
  • Very little primary material is collected in Arabic, Italian and Spanish.

     Secondary texts are mainly in modern Western languages and Hindi, Hebrew, with some Chinese. Increasing amounts of Japanese secondary material on Buddhism are being collected.

 To provide the materials necessary to support the undergraduate and graduate course instruction program, the graduate thesis research program and the research activities of the Faculty. In order to accomplish this, the Department has been building comprehensive research collections in certain areas of study.

Because of the unique and esoteric nature of much of the material used by this Department, there is now and always will be a heavy dependence on the collection of many other institutions through the use of Inter-library loan.

The Department operates a large number of joint programs with other Departments, including Philosophy, Anthropology/Sociology, History, the Divinity School, and English. To a considerable extent, material to support these joint programs is acquired with funds from this Department's Library budget.

Material comes from almost everywhere except Latin America or Russia. The great bulk comes from Europe, North America, India, Japan and China.

Although few books published before 1800 are acquired, the present rare book collection is used extensively. The course of study extends from prehistoric times to the present day.

  • Books, current and out-of-print, some in microform.
  • Periodicals, including backfiles, often in microform.
  • Facsimiles of Pali, Sanskrit and other ancient texts.
  • Atlases, Gazetteers.


Hebrew Biblical Studies (A)

     Includes materials related to graduate work in Early Judaism and Christianity programme: includes history and theory of biblical interpretation.


Religions of the Greco-Roman and Mediaeval Periods with Special Reference to Judaism and Christianity (A)

     Includes Post-Biblical Judaism, Rabbinics, Early Christianity, Other Religions, Sects, Cults, etc., in the Greco-Roman and Mediaeval World.


Western Religious Thought (A)

     Includes Classical and Modern Western Religious Thought, Classical and Modern Western Political Philosophy, Atheism, Agnosticism, Rationalism, Contemporary Moral Problems.


Religion and Modern Western Society (A)

     Includes Sociology of Religion, Psychological Understanding of Religion, Religion in Western Europe and North America, Anthropology of Religion, Comparative Religion, Science and Religion.


Asian Religions: Religion and Society (A)

     Includes materials on Buddhism (India, Sri Lanka and East Asia) and Hinduism, Shinto, Taoism and Confucianism.


Asian Religions: The Textual Tradition (A)

     Includes materials on China (Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism) Japan (Buddhism and Shinto) India (Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism). The materials collected show an equal emphasis on philosophy and popular religion.


Post-Mediaeval Judaism (B)

     Includes Jewish history and literature; the role of Judaism in contemporary civilization.


Ancient Near Eastern Religions (C)

     Includes materials on Ancient Near Eastern languages and the history, literature and religions of this area.


Mythology (C)

     Includes Folklore of Religion


Primitive Religion (C)

     Includes Folk Religions, Ethnic Religions.


Islamic Studies (D)

     Library purchases will be restricted to elementary texts (primarily in translation) and secondary literature.

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