Political Science

Material is collected primarily in the English language, with some in French.
To provide the materials to support the undergraduate and graduate course instruction program, the graduate thesis research program and the research activities of the Faculty. In order to accomplish this, the Department is building research collections in certain areas of study related to the Ph.D Program in Comparative Public Policy and International Relations and to the MA program in comparative politics, political theory, Canadian politics, international relations, methodology, public policy and administration.
Material acquired comes primarily from the United States, Canada and the European Union. Somewhat smaller quantities of material concern East and South East Asia, and Latin America, especially Mexico.

Almost all acquisitions are currently published books and serials, with some purchasing of out-of-print books and serials published in the twentieth century. Only rarely is material acquired that is published prior to 1900.

  • Books, primarily currently published, including reprints
  • Periodicals, current and backfile, increasingly in microform.
  • Government Documents, the majority of non-current ones in microform. This would include such data as Election returns.
  • Selected theses.
  • Pamphlets and ephemera, primarily Canadian in support of the McMaster Canadian Radical Archive.
  • Maps and atlases, housed in the Maps Library.
  • Electronic data sets are acquired for the Library and are available through the Library web page, with some help from Library Data Text.
  • Working papers of other Departments of Political Science are acquired by and housed in the Department.

Political Theory and Methodology

  • Political Theory (B)
  • Political Philosophy (B)
  • Political Ideologies (B)
  • Social Philosophy (C)
  • Communism, Marxism, Socialism, Anarchism (C)
  • Ethics, Aesthetics, Logic (E)
  • Philosophy of Science (C)
  • Epistemology (C)
  • Methodology (B)
  • Statistics (B)
  • Communication Theory (E)
  • Television Communication, Mass Communication (D)
  • Political Research (B)
  • Political Psychology (C)


Canadian Politics

  • Gender and Politics (B)
  • Political Parties, Politics, Federal and Provincial Elections (B)
  • Canadian Political Ideas (C)
  • Voting Behaviour (C)
  • Quebec/French Canada (B)
  • Labour Politics (B)
  • Elites (C)
  • Political Institutions, Public Administration, Executives (A)
  • Public Policy, Legislative Behaviour (A)
  • Cleavages (C)
  • Foreign Policy (B)
  • Urban Politics (B)
  • Federalism (B)
  • Intergovernmental relations (B)
  • Political Development (D)
  • -Interest Group Politics (B)
  • Aboriginal Peoples (C)
  • Canadian Political Economy (C)


Comparative Politics

  • Substantive Concepts (B)
  • Gender and Politics (B)
  • Political Parties (B)
  • Elites (B)
  • Culture and Personality (D)
  • Political Sociology, Political Socialization (C)
  • Technology, Change, Education (D)
  • Political Institutions, Public Administration, Executives (A)
  • Public Policy, Legislative Behaviour (A)
  • Integration and Disintegration (C)
  • Revolution and Violence (B)
  • Peace, War and Warlike Behaviour (B)
  • Urban Politics, Community Politics (C)
  • Cleavages (C)
  • Federalism (B)
  • Alienation (C)
  • Intergovernmental relations (B)
  • Political Development (B)
  • Nationalism (B)
  • Social Movements (B)
  • Political economy (B)
  • Environmental Politics (B)


International Politics

  • Comparative Foreign Policy (B)
  • Global Social Policy (B)
  • International Bargaining (C)
  • General State Behaviour (B)
  • Systems and Process Analysis (D)
  • International Organizations (UN, OAS, OAU, NATO, Arab League, etc.) (B)
  • International Economic Assistance (B)
  • Diplomatic History (C)
  • Law and Organization (B)
  • Public International Law (B)
  • Collective Security (C)
  • War and Peace, Disarmament (A)
  • Alliances and Treaties (C)
  • Colonial Expansion (D)
  • Intelligence and Espionage (D)
  • Geopolitics (B)
  • International Political Economy (A)
  • Globalization and Transnationalism (A)
  • International Trade (B)


Special Areas

  • American-Indian (C)
  • Social and Political Movements (B)
  • Race relations, including studies of blacks and other racial groups (D)
  • Minority group studies (C)
  • Student protests. (E)
  • Globalization and the Human Condition (B)

Arts and Social Sciences