Institute for Energy Studies

Virtually all works acquired are in English.
  • To serve undergraduate and graduate course instruction needs in those departments which offer energy-related courses.
  • To provide materials for the support of thesis research in all energy- related areas.
  • To work toward a comprehensive research collection in the energy area.
  • To encourage and support the activities of faculty working in energy-related research.
  • To provide a resource base for M.I.E.S. publishing activities.
 Almost all material comes from the United States, Great Britain and Western Europe.

Almost everything acquired is currently published. The journals all have relatively recent origins.

  • Books, currently published.
  • Continuations, currently published.
  • Books of tables.


Energy Resources (B)

Carbonaceous Fuels (A)

Renewable Energy Systems (A)

Environmental Effects (A)

Energy Conservation (A)

Hydro, Fission and Fusion (A)

Economic and Systems Analysis of Energy Systems (B)

Energy Policy (A)

Energy Technology (A)

Science and Engineering