Primary texts are virtually all in French. Some secondary materials are in English, with a very few in other languages, but three-quarters of the secondary works are also in French. Translations of French works are generally not acquired.
To provide the materials necessary to support the undergraduate and graduate course instruction program, the graduate thesis research program and the research activities of the Faculty. In order to accomplish this, the Department is building comprehensive research collections in certain areas of study.

To some extent, the work of the Eighteenth Century Association is based upon the collection that the French Department has built up in the Rare Books section of the Division of Research Collections.

To provide some good quality recreational reading for the French-Speaking community on campus.

Most material comes from France and Canada, with lesser amounts from Great Britain, the United States and French Africa.

Rare books are acquired to support the work in the area of the Eighteenth Century, but in other than this area, very few are collected. Instead, reprints are sought, or else good modern editions of older writers including critical editions of their works. The course of study extends from the mediaeval period. ,,,The Department generally acquires current material and retrospective buying through out-of-print catalogue orders. The major emphasis of the French Department is to develop its holdings of all but minor writers of French literature in good editions, and to develop its holdings of critical works on those writers, as well as current publications of French linguistics. The long 18th century (c.1650-1800), Russell and the 20th century, and Cultural Studies have been declared Faculty of Humanities priority areas for resource allocation.

Mediaeval French Literature(B)

      Including French Arthurian Romance and the Mediaeval French Epic and other mediaeval narrative forms. The English Department is also collecting in the area of the Arthurian Romance.


French Literature: 1450-1700(B)

      Emphasis on Rabelais, Montaigne, Poetry, 17th Century drama, and 17th French thought.


French Literature: The Eighteenth Century(B)

      Emphasis on Voltaire, Rousseau, and 18th Century French thought.


French Literature: The Nineteenth Century(B)

      Emphasis on the novel and poetry.


French Literature: The Twentieth Century(B)

      Emphasis on the novel, contemporary French drama and modern French poetry.


French-Canadian Literature(B)


French-African and Caribbean Literature(B)


French Language and Linguistics(B)

      Including translation, history of French language, French semantics and morphology, psycholinguistics, and sociolinguistics.

  • Books, both current and out-of-print, including some rare books.
  • Some new periodicals in literature and linguistics will be acquired subject to budgetary constraints.
  • Selected theses.
  • Some audio-visual materials are acquired by the French Department and housed there, but there is no pressure to have these acquired by and housed in, the main library.
  • Manuscript materials are not collected.


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