Engineering, General

Almost all material is in English.

To provide materials necessary to support the undergraduate courses in general engineering.

To provide general materials of a historical, philosophical, or social nature that have ties with engineering but not with one particular branch of engineering. To a great extent, these are books about engineers and engineering and about the humanistic, societal, and environmental responsibilities of engineers and their profession.

These materials could be considered as inter-disciplinary between engineering and other areas, and also multi-disciplinary for engineering.

To provide materials about engineers and engineering of interest to other members of the academic community.

To provide materials needed by or important to engineering in general that really fall within the responsibility of non-Engineering Departments but not such material as is important to or needed by only one Engineering Department.

To ensure that fundamental works on engineering, in all of its aspects, are acquired.

Almost all material comes from North America and Western Europe.

Most material acquired is currently published, but some older and out-of-print materials are also acquired. Rare books are not collected as such. Some historical works are collected, but the bulk of acquired material concerns the present practice of the profession.

  • Books, primarily currently published, some in reprint.
  • Periodicals, mostly current subscriptions. Quite often a periodical is not subscribed to immediately upon publication of the first issue and some picking up of one or two years' previous issues is necessary. Long runs of backfile are rarely acquired.
  • Handbooks.
  • Some theses.
  • Indexes, abstracts, and the occasional bibliography.
  • Technical reports, discussion papers, working papers and company reports, because of their great numbers and usual short term value, are left to be the responsibility of Departments and individual professors.
  • ooks of tables.
  • Some laboratory manuals and workbooks are acquired, usually those published to accompany standard text books.
  • Certain company or industry "house organs" or periodicals, some of which are widely abstracted, for which cost is often minimal or nothing, but which require collecting and cataloguing.

This profile should be looked at in conjunction with those of the several Engineering Departments; with those of the Mathematics and Statistics, Physics, History, Sociology and Political Science Departments; and with that of the Science General Fund.,

This category is not really applicable here, and the subjects listed below are an approximate guide only:


General Engineering (C)

Inter-disciplinary Materials (B)

General Works about Engineering and Engineers (C)

Science and Engineering