Engineering, Electrical and Computer

Almost all materials acquired are in English, with a scattering of other Western European languages, primarily German and French.
To provide the materials necessary to support the undergraduate and graduate course instruction program, the graduate thesis research program and the research activities of the Faculty. In order to accomplish this, the Department is building comprehensive research collections in certain areas of study. To support the work of the Communications Research Laboratory.
Most material comes from the United States, with Great Britain second and Holland third.

Material acquired is almost always currently produced, the major exception being some backfiles of periodicals.

  • Books, currently published.
  • Periodicals, mostly current subscriptions. About 90% of the library budget for Electrical Engineering is spent on current periodicals.
  • The Department is considering the purchase of films for undergraduate instruction purposes.
  • Theses.
  • Data tapes are acquired by the Department and housed in the Computer Centre.
  • Books of tables.
  • Technical reports are acquired by the Department and housed there.
  • Reprints of conferences, symposia, etc. are acquired when available.


General Engineering and Mathematics as Applied to Electrical Engineering (D)

Engineering Optimization (A)

Conductors; Superconducting Materials and Devices (D)

Semi-conducting Materials and Devices (C, D)

Dielectric Materials and Devices (C, D)

Magnetic Materials and Devices (D)

Circuit Analysis and Design (C, D)

Integrated Circuits; Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (A)

Photoreceivers, Optical Receivers, Compound Semiconductor Technology and Devices (A)

Lasers (A)

Acoustoelectrical, Electrochemical, Thermoelectromagnetic, and Other Devices (B)

Electromagnetism (A)

Antennas, Transmission Lines and Propagation (A)

Radar and Radio-navigation (C)

Information and Communication Theory (A)

Information Technology (A)

Signal Processing (A)

Image Processing (A)

Video Processing (A)

Speech Processing (A)

Signal Compression (B)

Data Compression (B)

Telecommunications (B)

Measurement Science; Measurement Equipment and Instrumentation Systems (D)

Biomedical Engineering (A)

Power Systems and Applications (C)

Electrical Machines and Devices (C)

Control Theory and Systems (D)

Computer Programming and Applications (D)

Computer Systems and Equipment (C)

Robotics and Computer Vision (A)

Computer Graphics (C)

Multimedia Communications and Systems (B)

Science and Engineering