Engineering, Chemical

Most materials are acquired in the English language with occasional books and some periodicals in German and French. Translations of Russian materials are acquired, but normally not materials in Russian.
To provide the materials necessary to support the undergraduate and graduate course instruction program, the graduate thesis research program and the research activities of the Faculty. In order to accomplish this, the Department is building a comprehensive research collection in certain areas of study.
Almost all material comes from the United States, Western Europe and Japan, with a small percentage selectively from other countries.

While emphasis is placed on currently produced material, issues of major journals are required as far back as possible. Chronological limits on lesser journals need to be set on a selective basis. There is a real need for up-to-date material and for prompt replacement of missing books or periodicals.

  • Books, currently published.
  • Periodicals, currently published with backfile as described above. Almost 98% of the library expenditures for Chemical Engineering are spent on periodicals; this expenditure indicates their great importance for research.
  • Guidebooks, trade directories, manufacturers' manuals, etc., which provide information on materials, safety and procedures for physical property testing are very useful.
  • Theses.
  • Technical reports.
  • Company reports.
  • Handbooks.
  • Reprints and transactions of conferences and symposia, etc.

Simulation, Optimization and Control, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Transport and Separation Processes, Polymer Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Bioprocess Engineering, Pulp and paper technology, Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Colloids, Surface Chemistry,,

General Engineering and Mathematics as Applied to Chemical Engineering (A)


Reaction Kinetics, Reaction Design and Thermodynamics (A)


Fluid and Particle Mechanics (A)

     There is an overlap here with Civil and Mechanical Engineering.


Transport and Storage of Fluids (A)

     There is an overlap here with Mechanical Engineering.


Heat Generation, Transport, Storage and Transmission, Heat-transfer Equipment (A)

     There is an overlap here with Mechanical Engineering.


Distillation (A)


Gas Absorption and Solvent Extraction (A)


Humidification and Drying (A)


Adsorption and Ion Exchange (A)


Other Diffusional Operations (A)


Membranes (A)


Liquid-Gas Systems; Liquid-Solid Systems; Gas-Solid Systems; Gas-Gas; Liquid-Liquid and
Solid-Solid Systems (A)

     There is an overlap here with Mechanical Engineering.


Process Control (A)

     Overlap with Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.


Biomedical Engineering (A)

     A group has been formed in this area from Electrical, Chemical, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Physics and the Faculty of Health Sciences.


Bioprocess Engineering; Bioreactors, Bioseparations, Biomaterials (A)


Surface and Colloid Science (A)

     Overlap with Chemistry.


Catalysis and Catalytic Reactions (B)


Plastics and Polymers (A)

     Includes Polymerization engineering and polymer processing. Strategic research for Science-based Innovation in manufacturing.


Process Design (A)


Optimization (A)


Simulation of Chemical Systems (A)


Multivariate Statistical Analysis (A)


Process Monitoring (A)

Arts and Social Sciences