Materials are acquired primarily in English, with occasional acquisitions in French,German, Hebrew, Classical and Biblical Greek.
To provide the materials necessary to support the graduate course instruction program, the graduate research program, the continuing education program and the research activities of the Faculty. In order to accomplish this, the Divinity College is building comprehensive research collections in certain areas of study.
  • Material is collected to support the Christian Ministry, both Baptist and other, principally in Ontario.
  • Some material is acquired to support interdisciplinary work with the Medical School.


Most material comes from the United States, Canada and Europe.

Rare material is collected only in the area of Baptist history. The course of study extends from about 3,000 B.C. to the present day.

  • Books, both current and out-of-print.
  • Periodicals, both current and backfile.
  • Guidebooks to religious centres in the Holy Land and the Near East, such as Jerusalem.
  • Selected theses.
  • Biblical maps and atlases are collected.

Occasionally material is acquired in conjunction with the policies of Religious Studies, Philosophy and History, and Linguistics.


Old Testament
Collecting Level:  Research

      Introduction, The Books of the Old Testament (Commentaries, etc.), Apocrypha, History and Religion of Israel, Theology of the Old Testament, Ancient and Near Eastern Religions, Hebrew Language Studies.

New Testament
Collecting Level:  Research

      Introduction, Books of the New Testament (Commentaries, etc.), Theology of the New Testament, Early Christian Literature, History of Interpretation, Intertestamental literature, Greek Language studies (classical and koine).

Christian History
Collecting Level:  Research

      Christianity and History, General History, Councils, Early Church, Byzantine, the Middle Ages, Monasticism, Reformation, Modern period (European and North American church history up to the present), Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant History, History of Theology, Doctrine and Christian Thought (Mediaeval, Patristic, Reformation, Modern), Hagiography and Biography.

Christian Interpretation
Collecting Level:  Research

      Systematic Theology: God, Creation, Man, the Incarnation, Atonement, Eschatology, History of Doctrine, Contemporary works on doctrine, Theology Texts (Patristic, Mediaeval, Reformation and Modern, Ecumenical publications), Hermeneutics, Religion and Art.

Christian Ethics
Collecting Level:  Research

      Christian Ethics, Biblical Studies on Ethics, Moral Theology, Personal and Social Ethics, Psychological and Sociological Studies of Ethics, Marriage and Sexuality, the Family, Church and State, Christians in the Political and Economic Orders, War and Peace, Moral Philosophy, Theories of Value, Formation of the Moral Self.

Philosophy of Religion
Collecting Level:  Instruction

      Philosophical Studies of Religion, especially Christianity and Judaism, but also some of the non-Christian Religions, Theories of Religious Knowledge, Faith and Reason, the Existence of God, Theism, historical and contemporary, Religious Language, Philosophical Theology, Natural Theology, Phenomenology of Religion, Philosophical Analysis and Religion.

Psychology and Sociology of Religion
Collecting Level:  Instruction

      Psychological and Sociological Studies of Religion, Nature of Religious Experience, Guilt, Conversion,  Religious Revivalism, Cults and Worship, Religious Symbolism, Psychology and Religion (Freud and post-Freudians), Sociology of Religious Institutions.

Baptist History and the Nature of the Church
Collecting Level:  Research

      Ecclesiology and Polity, Sacraments (Baptism and the Lord's Supper), the Ecumenical Movement, Confessional Theologies, Church Union, Ordination, Priesthood and Ministry, Baptist History.

Christian Ministry
Collecting Level:  Research

      Nature of Ministry, Pastoral and Clinical Training, Pastoral Care, Homiletics, Aging, Dying and spirituality, Family Life, Counselling, Spiritual Formation, Human development, Theories of Faith (Religious) Education, Curriculum planning, Theological Reflection, Formation of Christian Disciples (discipleship), Congregational Formation, Education Method, Theories of the Self, Practical Theology, Pastoral Theology, Liturgy, the Spiritual Life (including Mysticism), Missions.


Arts and Social Sciences