Computing & Software

 Almost all monographs acquired are in the English Language with the odd book in Western European languages. The Department attempts to acquire translations whenever possible.

Periodicals are mostly in the English language although some in German, French, Swedish and Russian are also required

To provide the materials necessary to support the undergraduate and graduate course instruction program, the graduate thesis research program and the research activities of the Faculty. At present the graduate program is at a Master's level but materials are collected at a Ph.D. level in anticipation of such a program.

     Much of the material of a theoretical nature on Computation, acquired by the Department; will be used by the staff of the Computer Centre, although it is not being acquired expressly for them. The Computer Centre has its own library of computer programs, technical manuals and works on the operation of the University's computers.

Most material comes from the United States and Great Britain. Conferences, symposia and proceedings, however, are published almost everywhere and these are becoming more common in computation.

Virtually everything acquired is currently published.

  • Books, primarily currently produced.
  • Periodicals, both current and backfile.
  • Selected theses.
  • Working papers of similar Departments in other Universities are exchanged for the working papers published by the Unit. These are collected and housed in the Unit Library.
  • Laboratory manuals and work books.
  • Audio-Visual materials such as audio tapes, pictures and slide-tape shows are generated by this Department. These are housed in the Department Library or in the Health Sciences Library.
  • Data tapes might be considered for selection to support work done by researchers in the Health Sciences.


Mathematical topics specific to Computer Science (A)

     Theory of Computation, Formal languages and Automata, Numerical analysis, Complexity, Decidability.


Computer Hardware (C)

     Logical Design, Computer architecture, Machine level programming.


Algorithms (A)

  • Concurrency, parallel processes, distributed systems
  • Combinatorial algorithms and optimization
  • Queuing theory


Data and Data Structures (B)

Programming Languages (B)

Artificial Intelligence (A)

     Machine learning, Data mining, Knowledge discovery in databases (KDD), Computer vision, Computational theory.


Software and Software Development (A)

     Software design, documentation, testing Verification, testing.


Operating Systems (C)

Networking (B)

Information and Communication (C)

     Information theory.


Information Technology (A)

     Strategic research area.


Real-time Systems, Control (A)

Computer Graphics (A)

Arts and Social Sciences