Communications Studies

Primarily English.
To provide empirical and theoretical material necessary for an Honours undergraduate programme, including materials relevant to third and fourth year research projects.
Primarily Europe, Australasia, and North America.

Primary emphasis is on contemporary (ie. post 1980) material.

Monographs, periodicals, government documents, conference proceedings, and CDs material.
The acquisitions policy for Communication Studies Programme reflects the four streams that comprise the programme: language and discourse, performance studies, cultural studies, and mass communication.

Language, Media and Social Life (C)

Language and Cognition (C)

Language and Computers (D)

Performance and New Media (C)

Performance and Identity (C)

Performance and Artistic and Everyday Practices (D)

Popular Culture, Race and Gender (C)

Popular Culture and Globalization (C)

Subcultures (D)

Media and Social and Political Issues (C)

Political Economy of the Media (Including Communication Policy) (D)

Media Audiences and Social Impact (C)

Arts and Social Sciences