Brockhouse Institute for Materials Research

Language is not a restriction, but most of the items wanted are published in English. German periodicals are growing in importance, and Russian periodicals are acquired in translation. Most French publications acquired are in periodical format. Some multilingual periodicals are acquired. Languages other than the above are not very important.
To provide the books and journals necessary to support the graduate and Faculty research done by the Institute. All graduate and under graduate courses are given by the Science and Engineering Departments. The Institute does only graduate and Faculty research.
 Most books and periodicals come from the United States, Britain and Germany. Some material is acquired from Australasia.

A comprehensive collection with retrospective publications is being developed in advanced materials technologies.

  • Books
  • Periodicals
  • Technical reports
  • Company reports
  • Books of tables
  • Preprints of conferences and symposia.

At present, most of the publications used by the Institute are acquired by the Academic Departments. Thus, the Institute's requests supplement other acquisitions. ,

Engineering Requirements of Materials (A)

Crystal Structure (A)

Noncrystalline (amorphous) Structures (A)

Phases (A)

Structural Imperfections and Atom Movements (A)

Electronic Structures and Processes (A)

     Overlap with the policies of Physics and Engineering Physics.


Metallic Phases and their Properties (A)

     Overlap with the policies of Materials Science & Engineering.


Ceramic Phases and their Properties (A)

     Overlap with Materials Science and Engineering.


Multiphase Materials. Equilibrium Relationships (A)

     Overlap with Materials Science and Engineering.


Modifications of Properties through Changes in Microstructure (A)

Stability of Materials in Service Environments (A)

  • Corrosion
  • Oxidation
  • Thermal Stability
  • Effects of Radiation on Materials

Composite Materials (A)

  • Macrostructures
  • Agglomerated Materials
  • Surface Modifications
  • Reinforced Materials

Surface Chemistry and Physics(A)

Catalysis (A)

     Much material is acquired at a Research level that is within the profiles of other Science and Engineering Departments.


Chemistry of Materials (A)

  • Chemical properties and composition
  • Chemical design

Characterisation of Materials (A)

  • Electron microscopy
  • Neutron and x-ray diffraction
  • Position Annihilation

Materials Processing (A)

  • Pyrometallurgy
  • Vapour deposition
  • Plasma and Reactive low Etching
  • Simple crystal growth
  • Intelligent processing of materials
Note:  There is some overlap between Materials Processing and Chemistry of Materials.


Polymers (B)

     Acquired in conjunction with the departments of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.


Biomaterials (B)

     Acquired in conjunction with the departments of Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Chemical Engineering.


Photonic Research (B)

  • High speed lasers
  • Optical sources

Science and Engineering