Art & Art History

As much as possible is acquired in English, but a considerable amount of the material wanted is available only in other languages. In the case of source material for research and graduate teaching, it is essential to obtain it in the original language.  Therefore, material is acquired in other languages—chiefly French, Italian, and German—as appropriate.
Collection Services Librarian: Wade Wyckoff
Art and Art History wishes to have material acquired in order to support the undergraduate instruction program and the research activities of the faculty.  In order to accomplish this, the School of the Arts: Art and Art History are building a teaching and research collection in certain specific areas of the history of art.
It should be noted that the library material is not used only for printed information, but as a source of visual information in the form of reproductions.

Academic programs cover art and architecture from early Greece (c.1500 BCE) to the present day. However, the collection of works on the art and architecture of ancient Greece and Rome is left to the Department of Classics. As a general rule current publications are given the highest priority, but a portion of the budget is spent on out-of-print material. Reprints in book form are preferred to microforms or original rare books. However, where there is no alternative rare books are acquired.,


  • Monographs, both current and out-of-print
  • Catalogues of art galleries and museums
  • Reference works in Art and Art History
  • Periodicals, both current and non-current
  • Slides and photographs are not collected

The Art and Art History programs encompass art and visual culture of Europe, North America and Asia.  Within the programs there is a research concentration on the art, architecture and visual culture of Italy 1200-1580, France 1750 to the present, and China 800-1200. Contemporary and global visual culture are an increasing priority for resource allocation.

Italian Art and Architecture
Collecting Level: Research
Emphasis is given to painting and sculpture, 1220-1580.

French Art and Architecture
Collecting Level: Research
Emphasis is given to visual culture, 1750 to the present.

Chinese Art and Architecture
Collecting Level: Research
Emphasis is given to visual culture, 800-1200.

Canadian Art and Architecture
Collecting Level: Instruction

Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Art and Architecture
Collecting Level: Instruction

Late Medieval Art and Architecture (c.1140-1400 CE)
Collecting Level: Instruction

Art and Architecture in Europe in the 17th Century
Collecting Level: Instruction

Art Theory and Criticism
Collecting Level: Instruction

Art Historiography
Collecting Level: Instruction

Art Patronage
Collecting Level: Instruction

Art Collections
Collecting Level: Instruction

Collecting Level: Basic

Arts and Social Sciences,

Slides and photographs.