Licensing Requirements - Conditions of Use

McMaster University Library has signed institutional license agreements in order to provide access to full-text electronic journals and to a variety of indexes and abstracts in database form. These agreements require McMaster to protect the information contained in these electronic products against unauthorized use. Unauthorized use may result in the suspension of access to library facilities and materials, legal action and/or other penalties sanctioned by the Senate (see General Regulations for McMaster University Libraries - B. Theft, Misappropriation or Mutilation of Library Materials or Property) , and disciplinary action by the publisher which may include cancellation of the University's licensed access.

The following key features appear in most licenses:

  • The license agreements identify the persons within the site who are authorized to access the database or journal.

    Users must be faculty, currently registered students, or staff of McMaster University. Only these individuals will be able to access the products through the campus IP address, within the Libraries, or from off-campus using off-campus access if using a commerical independent service provider. More information on off-campus access.

    Site definition: McMaster University campus is one site.

    Number of simultaneous users: McMaster University Library has attempted to license access for as many simultaneous users as required. For some products access is unlimited, for others it is 5-8 simultaneous users. Questions about access to individual titles/products should be referred to Janice Adlington, eResources Librarian.

  • Authorized users may view, download, copy and save to hard disk or storage device, and store for editing or temporary storage only, or print out SINGLE COPIES of individual search results or SINGLE COPIES of individual articles [NOT ENTIRE ISSUES OF JOURNALS] for personal use, scholarly, educational or scientific research or study, as governed by Canadian Copyright Law. Users may not use robots or intelligent agents to access, search and/or systematically download any portion of the licensed products.

  • Authorized users must not transmit, disseminate or otherwise make the Licensed Materials or any components thereof available to persons or entities who are not Authorized McMaster users by any means, including electronic, nor on any storage medium, including electronic, optical, or print, whether in return for a fee or otherwise. Commercial use of these products is not permitted.

  • Authorized Users must not divulge or disseminate a password or enable anyone who is not an Authorized User to gain access to the Licensed Materials. Users also may not share their credentials with unauthorized Users.

  • Users are not permitted to disassemble, decompile or in any way attempt to reverse engineer any software provided as part of the data product.