ECHO360 CLOUD Platform

NOTICE: The Echo360 Cloud Platform will be online May 1, 2017. More info to follow.

Contact OTTO GEISS if you have any questions.

Echo360 Cloud is a Lecture Capture System.  The system records audio, display, and optional video, for viewing in digital format. This provides students with a powerful tool that can be used for review, or to supplement materials covered in class.

The captures can be viewed via a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox , Chrome or Safari).  

ECHO360 Available in the following rooms:

ABB-B118 (PRO) - Active Learning Classroom

ABB-102 (CC)

BSB-B135 (PRO)

BSB-B136 (PRO)

BSB-147 (HD)

CNH-B107 (PRO)

CNH-104 (HD)

DSB-AB102 (CC)

ITB-AB102 (CC)

ITB-137 (CC)

JHE-264 (HD)

JHE-376 (HD)

KTH-B135 (PRO)

LRW-B1007 (PRO)

MDCL-1105 (CC)

MDCL-1110 (PRO)

MDCL-1305/1307 (HD)

MDCL-1309 (CC)


T13-127 (HD) - Active Learning Classroom

TSH-B105 (CC)

TSH-B128 (PRO)

TSH-120 (HD)

WONG Room - Mills Library (HD)


If you need to capture course lectures for the term, in the above rooms, contact Otto Geiss (

If you need to capture course lectures for the term, in rooms not listed above, or any issues you encounter, contact Otto Geiss (


For more information about ECHO360 Lecture Capture, schedule captures or have issues, contact Otto Geiss  (

Cell Phone: 905-741-5125

Copyright - Lecture Recording Consent and Release

Before a lecture is captured, the 'Lecture Recording Consent and Release' form needs to be completed and submitted to the Classroom Audio Visual Services office. Please complete the Lecture Recording Consent and Release Form and submit to CAVS, attention David Kidney.

Lecture Recording Release Form


How long will the captured lectures be available for viewing?



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