New Technologies for use in the Classroom

CAVS is committed to providing Faculty members with information on New Technologies for use in the classroom. These New Technologies will enhance the teaching and learning experiences.

ECHO360 Lecture Capture

Echo 360 is a Lecture Capture System.  The system records audio, display, and optional video, for viewing in digital format. This provides students with a powerful tool that can be used for review, or to supplement materials covered in class.

The captures can be viewed via a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari), and/or be downloaded to a computer or mobile device. 

ECHO360 Available in the following rooms:

ABB-102 (CS)


CNH-B107 (CS)


ITB-137 (CS)

JHE-264 (HD)

JHE-376 (HD)

KTH-B135 (CS)

MDCL-1105 (CS)

MDCL-1305/1307 (HD)

MDCL-1307 (CS)

MDCL-1309 (CS)

MML-L107 (WONG Room) (HD)


TSH-B105 (CS)

TSH-B128 (CS)



If you need to capture course lectures for the term, in the above rooms, contact Rick Hayes  (

If you need to capture course lectures for the term, in rooms not listed above, contact Rick Hayes ( for other technologies available.

For more information about ECHO360, contact Otto Geiss  (

Copyright - Lecture Recording Consent and Release

Before a lecture is captured, the 'Lecture Recording Consent and Release' form needs to be completed and submitted to the Classroom Audio Visual Services office. Please complete the Lecture Recording Consent and Release Form and submit to CAVS, attention David Kidney.

Lecture Recording Release Form


How long will the captured lectures be available for viewing?

NOTE: The captured lectures will be available for viewing for six months from the capture date. At that time, the captured lecture will be removed from the system.


CAVS updates: 

iClicker "Student Response System"

iClicker Base Units have been installed in some classrooms on campus.

For more information contact Otto Geiss at extension 26967 or email:


October 15, 2014 

[ALERT] How the SSL v3 security vulnerability may affect i>clicker?

You have likely heard of the recent potential security vulnerability of SSL v3. As an appreciated and valued customer, we wanted to let you know as soon as possible that we are aware of this issue and let you know that your faculty users could experience issues using i>clicker as a result of this vulnerability.

Technical Explanation: i>clicker software versions 6.4.1 and earlier utilize the SSL v3 communication protocol. As a result, clients using i>clicker 6.4.1 and earlier versions of i>clicker may experience issues with LMS integrations, which includes roster sync and grade upload. So far, we have reports of issues with Canvas, Sakai, and Blackboard due to these companies disabling this communication protocol to mitigate any potential risk for secure http (https) connections.

Steps we are taking:  We are diligently working on an update, v6.4.2, which will utilize a different security protocol to replace SSLv3. All i>clicker 6.x (and earlier) users will need to update to this version to avoid disruptions with LMS integrations. This update should be available sometime next week. In the interim, instructors can continue to use i>clicker 6.4.1 with manual LMS integration rather than i>clicker integrate if it is necessary for them to sync a roster or upload grades. We plan to communicate with faculty tomorrow afternoon to alert them of this issue as well.

There remain some potential issues that relate to this same issue:

  • i>clicker GO communicates with the GO servers using SSL v3. We are going to be updating the GO communication protocol and anticipate no issues with the usage of GO in class.
  • The i>clicker registration database also uses SSL v3 to communicate with i>grader for Sync and other functionality. Again, we anticipate no issues with registration data communications.

We are monitoring the situation very closely and will update you immediately if necessary. As soon as the software update is available, we will communicate directly with you.

Thank you for your support of i>clicker. If you have any questions or concerns, please reply to this message or call, and we’ll be back in touch right away.



Sarah and the i>clicker team


Sarah Martin
Director of Client Services
Macmillan New Ventures 
office: 713.344.0791

mobile: 646.599.7524

skype: smartin1015


Below are some resources that may be helpful:


.  Training webinars are found here:  I would attend Higher Education Training or i>clicker demo.

 There is also a quick start guide in the i>clicker software

.  You can contact Otto Geiss for a training session - he covers the more technical side of things

.  You can reach out to Jon Kruithof and/or Daryl Hartz from MIIETL. They can provide more pedagogical information on using i>clicker.

.  A call can be set up as well with iClicker


Pedagogical Resources:

.  Upcoming webinars can be found here:

.  All of iClicker case studies are found here:  These are very helpful to read through and see how others have integrated i>clicker into their courses.

.  You may also want to look at iClicker tips and best practices found here:

.  CU Bolder has some great resources for using i>clicker: - there are various videos depending on what you are interested in learning more about

.  The Carl Weiman Group at UBC has done a lot of research on using clickers which can be found here:


Integration with Desire2Learn:

There are two tutorials on uploading and downloading data from Desire2Learn and i>clicker. You can find them here:


Other Resources:

iClicker Website -

iClicker Downloads -

iClicker Support Portal -

Documentation and Tutorials -



CAVS updates: 

Smart Podium

The Smart Podium is the control center for the Technology in each classroom. It is equipped with a user-friendly control panel, which controls the projector and allows users to select which Technology they want to use: the Smart Podium's local computer, DVD player, VCR, sound system, or external laptop.

CAVS updates: 

SMART Board 600i Interactive Whiteboard System

With the SMART Board 600i interactive whiteboard system, the simple push of a button puts you in control of a powerful multimedia environment. It’s never been easier or more convenient to make your meetings more collaborative and efficient – without the need for a PC or extra training.

For specific questions about using a Smart Board, please contact Kevin Andrews (Certified Smart Trainer)

CAVS updates: 

USB Flash Drive

The USB Flash Drive is a portable storage device for computer equipped with a USB port. E-mailing files to yourself and carrying around floppy disks is something from the past. Accessing and transporting data has been made easier with the USB Flash Drive. These devices plug directly into your USB port on any compatible computer. USB Drives are "plug and play" compatible devices. Simply plug the drive into any USB port and the computer will automatically detect it as a removable drive. You can read, write, copy, delete and move data from your hard disk drive to the USB drive or from the USB drive to your hard disk drive. Note: USB drives can transport viruses between computers. Scan your USB device with your anti-virus software on your computer.

CAVS updates: 

USB Instant DVD

Instant DVD from ADS Technologies is an external video capture/editing device that connects to Windows-based PCs through a USB connection. Designed to bring in audio and video into a PC for video editing or DVD authoring, this device includes video encoder and decoder chips and hardware MPEG2 codec to compress and decompress MPEG2 video.

CAVS updates: 
File attachments: 

Keyspan - Media/Presentation Remote

The Keyspan Digital Media Remote and Presentation Remotes are powerful infrared remotes which allow you to control your PowerPoint slides away from the laptop. If you like to walk around while giving presentations, these devices allow you to advance the powerpoint slide away from where the laptop is situated.

CAVS updates: 
File attachments: