New Technologies for use in the Classroom

CAVS is committed to providing Faculty members with information on New Technologies for use in the classroom. These New Technologies will enhance the teaching and learning experiences.

ECHO360 CLOUD Platform

NOTICE: Faculty and Students with account or access issues, please contact OTTO GEISS .

Echo360 Cloud is a Lecture Capture System.  The system records audio and display, for viewing in digital format. This provides students with a powerful tool that can be used for review, or to supplement materials covered in class.

The captures can be viewed via a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox , Chrome or Safari).

NOTE: Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player and disable cookies if a notification appears.  

ECHO360 Available in the following rooms:

ABB-B118 (PRO) - Active Learning Classroom

ABB-102 (CC)  (Only captures local pc and mic)

BSB-B135 (PRO)

BSB-B136 (PRO)

BSB-147 (HD)

CNH-B107 (PRO)

CNH-104 (HD)

DSB-AB102 (CC)  (Only captures local pc and mic)

ITB-AB102 (CC)  (Only captures local pc and mic)

ITB-137 (CC)  (Only captures local pc and mic)

JHE-264 (HD)

JHE-376 (HD)

KTH-B135 (PRO)

LRW-B1007 (PRO)

MDCL-1105 (PRO) 

MDCL-1110 (PRO)

MDCL-1305/1307 (PRO)

MDCL-1309 (PRO) 

T13-127 (HD) - Active Learning Classroom

TSH-B105 (CC)  (Only captures local pc and mic)

TSH-B128 (PRO)

TSH-120 (HD)

WONG Room - Mills Library (HD)


If you need to capture course lectures for the term, in the above rooms, contact Otto Geiss (

If you need to capture course lectures for the term, in rooms not listed above, or any issues you encounter, contact Otto Geiss (

Cell Phone: 905-741-5125


CAVS updates: 

LISTEN Technologies

"Don't Miss A Single Sound"

We all have some level of hearing impairment. A LISTEN system can deliver a speakers

voice directly to the student's ears, using the LR-400-072 Portable Display RF Receiver.

LISTEN Technologies Website

Portable Display RF Receiver:

LISTEN Technology available in the following classrooms;










For more information, contact Otto Geiss  (

Cell Phone: 905-741-5125



CAVS updates: 

SMART Podium™ 500 Series Interactive Pen Display

The SMART Podium display allows you to write on its surface with the provided electronic pen. T"he content

that you see on the display will be projected onto a large screen.

SMART Technologies Website:

Product Brochure:



CAVS updates: 


SMART kapp™

"The dry-erase board reinvented"

A digital replacement to dry-erase boards and flip charts, SMART kapp allows you to save and share notes as they are written or drawn on the board, all using a regular dry-erase marker.

Capture ideas and notes

Save directly to your device

Share content remotely, in real-time

SMART Kapp Website:

Product Information:



CAVS updates: 

iClicker "Student Response System"

iClicker Base Units have been installed in some classrooms on campus.

For more information contact Otto Geiss at extension 26967 or email:

Below are some resources that may be helpful:


.  Training webinars are found here:  I would attend Higher Education Training or i>clicker demo.

 There is also a quick start guide in the i>clicker software

.  You can contact Otto Geiss for a training session - he covers the more technical side of things

.  You can reach out to Jon Kruithof and/or Daryl Hartz from MIIETL. They can provide more pedagogical information on using i>clicker.

.  A call can be set up as well with iClicker


Pedagogical Resources:

.  Upcoming webinars can be found here:

.  All of iClicker case studies are found here:  These are very helpful to read through and see how others have integrated i>clicker into their courses.

.  You may also want to look at iClicker tips and best practices found here:

.  CU Bolder has some great resources for using i>clicker: - there are various videos depending on what you are interested in learning more about

.  The Carl Weiman Group at UBC has done a lot of research on using clickers which can be found here:


Integration with Desire2Learn:

There are two tutorials on uploading and downloading data from Desire2Learn and i>clicker. You can find them here:


Other Resources:

iClicker Website -

iClicker Downloads -

iClicker Support Portal -

Documentation and Tutorials -



CAVS updates: 

Smart Podium

The Smart Podium is the control center for the Technology in each classroom. It is equipped with a user-friendly control panel, which controls the projector and allows users to select which Technology they want to use: the Smart Podium's local computer, DVD player, VCR, sound system, or external laptop.

CAVS updates: