Internet Access in Classrooms

Anyone requiring the use of network connections in classrooms and lecture theatres should test out the network connectivity in that room well in advance of the date of their presentation. Please test the same equipment that you will use for the presentation.

As more and more laptop computers are being used in classrooms we have noticed certain problems and glitches appear over and over again. Laptops used for PowerPoint and other presentation programs often need to be re-configured for data projection. Our Classroom AV Services division can now provide the proper configuration for your laptop, at no cost, so that faculty members can use the projector, audio and ethernet connections in the classroom. If you are interested in our free laptop configuration service, or have other questions concerning the use of computers in classrooms, do not hesitate to call Otto Geiss or Classroom Audio Visual Services at 22761.

If you are an instructor that makes use of network jacks within McMaster classrooms, please be aware that the network jacks in some, but not all of the classrooms have been configured to make use of the MacConnect service. UTS has done this in order to improve security: the MacConnect Service requires authentication (Userid and Password), and encrypts all network traffic from the classroom to the network backbone. The MacConnect mechanism for wireless and public-area wired data access to the campus network is implemented using Cisco Clean Access which entails authentication as a McMaster community member (or sponsored guest) using your MAC ID account, followed by inspection of the client machine to ensure that it does not represent a risk of infecting other users of the campus network.

MacConnect Service Details

Laptop Configuration:

To check whether or not a particular classroom makes use of the MacConnect Service, please check under the column heading "Ethernet" and "More Details" for the particular classroom you intend to use.

UTS will be conducting ongoing upgrades and improvements to the network infrastructure of each building, and more classrooms will be gradually making use of the MacConnect service.

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