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Celebrate “Odd Day” Today…

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Number lovers are celebrating an “Odd Day” today by doing something odd.

Today “Thursday, May 07, 2009” written as “5/7/09” has 3 consecutive odd numbers (5, 7 and 9), and is one of only six odd number combinations this century. The last one fell on 3/5/07 (March 5, 2007) and the next one will fall on 7/9/11 (July 9, 2011).

As an “Odd” exercise, try to find 3 other “Odd Days” in this century… I have found mine!

by Vivek Jadon, Library Data Service

Library Map Specialist does radio interviews on trench maps

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The Library's Map Specialist, Gord Beck discussed the new trench map collection on Talk 820 Radio today at 12:15pm.

Library acquires rare trench maps

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McMaster University Library is soon to be home to one of the largest collections of World War I trench maps in the country after acquiring a significant collection from Dr. Peter Chasseaud, the world's leading expert in First World War military maps.

It’s All About Location

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Geographic Information Systems are wonderful tools for making location decisions. Students in two Geography classes learning GIS skills this term have produced their results as posters, highlighting the practical applications of their learning.  These and many other posters will be on display in Thode Library for the next several weeks.

Geological Island Getaways

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Imagine yourself on a distant, unknown island. Perhaps on a tropical hotspot like Hawaii or on a coastline of fjords and tundra like Iceland.

Research data now more easily accessible

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Who are better drivers – men or women? Has smoking cigarettes decreased in the past 50 years? Do women REALLY prefer receiving large and small appliances as Christmas gifts?

Curious questions with easily accessible answers!  Find out the answers to these and many other interesting questions through our new web-based data tool called ODESI, which is accessible from the library website.

Don't Miss the Geologic Journey

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A great series about Canadian geology will debut on CBC TV on Sunday September 9, 2007 at 7 pm.

The five-part special describes the incredible history of the Canadian landscape in episodes The Great Lakes, The Rockies, The Canadian Shield, The Appalachians and The Atlantic Coast.

Shot in high definition, the five-part series Geologic Journey blends state-of-the-art science, and a range of visual techniques from 3-D animation to Westcam high precision helicopter shooting, with personal stories from people who are driven by geologic wonder. For more information about the series, including some fascinating video clips, see

2006 Census Age and Sex Data Released Today

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The 2006 Census Dissemination Project is pleased to announce the official release of the 2006 Census Age and Sex information.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007, 8:30 a.m. Ottawa time, sees the official release, via the Internet, of the Age and Sex information from the 2006 Census.

These data can be accessed through a variety of gateways. Users can enter through The Daily; click on the 'Census' button on the left-hand navigation bar of the Statistics Canada home page (enter through the 'Spotlight' link); or by following the 'Release topics and dates' link under the 2006 Census header

A New Book By McMaster Librarians

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Congratulations to Carol Mazur and Cathy Moulder on the publication of their book, Alice Munro: An Annotated Bibliography of Works and Criticism (Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 2007). The 470 page bibliography covers all of Munro’s fictional writing, and includes annotations to interviews, Munro’s non-fiction writings, and hundreds of critical books, theses and articles. Also included are listings of book reviews, awards and reference works—basically everything published by or about this well-respected Canadian author up to 2005.

Mashup Index for Air Photos

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In most libraries, researchers use paper indexes to find aerial photographs of their areas of interest. A paper index for each year shows the areas covered by the photographs in the collection. The process of discovering what photos may be available is slow and limited to researchers who are on-site.

McMaster University Library's Map Collection has now replaced dozens of paper indexes to Hamilton area aerial photography with a cool new Google mashup index. A mashup is a kind of hybrid web application that combines information from multiple sources. In this case, the index mashup combines a Google Map base (with zoom/pan and satellite image background capability) and markers representing each one of the 5,000 air photos in our collection.

The Aerial Photograph index is available here.

To use the index, select a year from the dropdown menu. The Google map onscreen will display a marker for every air photograph available in McMaster Library's collection. Use the +/- slider on the left side to zoom in and out on the map. Click on any marker to get the photograph's retrieval information (usually a flight line and shot number).

This index allows researchers to discover the areas of our photographic coverage very quickly. Remote users can easily confirm whether it is worth visiting the Library to see the photographs in person.

All air photos can be viewed in the Map Collection. Library staff will retrieve the photographs for visitors, and will be happy to demonstrate the delightful ease of this Google mashup tool compared to the very annoying old paper indexes!


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