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What is the melting point of polyethylene glycol? (Thode)

Suggested Answer:

We advise that you perform an Anywhere search in the library catalogue for “polyethylene glycol” using the quotation marks for phrase searching.  The book Poly(ethylene oxide) by Bailey reveals that polyethylene glycol is a commonly used name for the polymer Poly(ethylene oxide) and is usually applied for those formulations with a lower molecular weight.  It also contains a table of the melting points of common polyethylene glycols.

How do I find out the load bearing capacity of the roof of ABB? (Thode)

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The McMaster department of Facility Services; Construction and Technical Services keeps blueprints and specifications on all McMaster buildings and areas, both in print and electronic format. For non-McMaster buildings, a  Land Registry Office may be used to get information about title and/or ownership.  In Hamilton, this office is located at 119 King St W.

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