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Can I install software or use a CD-ROM from course materials or textbook in the library computers?

If the CDROM requires you to install software on the hard drive, the CDROM cannot be used in the library or the computer labs.

If the CDROM is read-only and does not need installation, then it can be used in the library or computer labs.

Note: if you borrow one of the loaner laptops from the Mills, Thode, or Innis Libraries, you can install software; however, if the laptop needs rebooting to finish the installation, the install will not be successful. Rebooting returns the laptop to its original state (thus wiping out any user-installed software).

How do I access journals located in the Hamilton Health Library Network?

If you are a McMaster student, staff or faculty member:

  • to get a copy of an article in a journal held by one of the Hamilton Health Library Network libraries, you may request the article through RACER (you can find more info on RACER and Interlibrary Loan on this page).

If you're not a McMaster student, staff or faculty member:


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