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What does "peer reviewed" or "refereed" mean?

Peer review is the process used by publishers and editors of academic / scholarly journals to ensure that the articles they publish meet the accepted standards of their discipline. Manuscripts being considered for publication are sent to  independent experts in the same field (the author's scholarly or scientific peers). They evaluate the quality of the scholarship, reliability of findings, relevance to the field, appropriateness for the journal, etc. Most, but not all scholarly journals are peer reviewed. 

Where is the microfilm / microfiche?

  • Mills: 3rd floor. Heavily used newspaper titles in microfilm are in microfilm cabinets at the east end of the 3rd floor. All other titles are shelved in call number order in compact shelving. Microfiche is kept in the cabinets in the southeast corner of the floor opposite the compact shelving units.
  • Innis: No microfilm. For microfiche, turn left at entrance and go to the last cabinet against the wall.
  • Thode: shelved on Lower Level
  • Health Sciences: Location noted in the Library Catalogue

Where are the newspapers?

  • Mills: currently received newspapers are located in the newspaper reading room, 3rd floor. Back issues of heavily-used microfilm are shelved in title order in the black microfilm cabinets at the east end of the 3rd floor. All other microfilm for newspapers and periodicals is housed in the compact shelving units at the east end of the 3rd floor. Check this guide for more info.
  • Innis: newspapers are located at the end of the periodicals stacks. Check this guide for a list of the newspapers held in print at Innis.
  • Thode: no newspapers
  • Health Sciences: no newspapers


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